Wednesday, February 24, 2010

After Party

"Come to the party. No really you should come." he said.

She was uncertain. Her partner was not going to be in town and the party would be mostly couples. Nothing like being a third wheel.

"Seriously come to the party. Katherine wants to meet you."

"Ok, I guess I can stop by for a little bit, I would like to meet her also."

After work on Friday night, Nan went shopping, looking for a birthday present for her niece and stopping by one of her favorite boutiques.

Working in a creative agency meant she could dress in an eclectic style which suited her mood. Today she had picked a sensible knee length A-line skirt, stockings with a seam up the back, some amazing platform spectators and an ivory sweater set. She had fastened her blonde locks back with a fabric headband which matched her skirt. Pearls completed the sweet and demur fifties look. Underneath however, she had boy short panties with attached garters and a push up bra, both in beige with little pink flowers.

As the sun was setting, she headed towards Nigel and Katherine's party. She really would rather just go home, but Nigel would be so sad or angry or both if she stood them up. It was not as if she had not had drinks with Nigel before without Martin joining them.

Nigel lived a few blocks from the subway station and about 5 blocks from her townhouse.

Walking up the tree lined street, she paused in front of the townhouse and adjusted her stockings. The walked had caused her seams to work their way off center. One couldn't have seams off kilter.

Ringing the bell and waiting, Nigel's footsteps getting closer with every breath.

"Nan, how good of you to come. I was worried you wouldn't make it. Come, Come in, we just opened a bottle of Malbec and Sampson is about to bore us with stories from his childhood adventures in Rhodesia."

Nan ducked inside. Really ready for a glass of wine, less so for Sampson's travelogues. Nigel was older than she by a dozen years and as a professor of art history, very studious. Less creative. Martin and she kept more lively company, but Nigel was a good friend and she did enjoy his parties, if only because they reminded her of what she had always thought grown up parties might be like.

After three boring stories, several pointless conversations with friends of Nigel's she simply did not know, Nan had ingested two glasses of wine and very little food. Heading to the kitchen with an empty wine glass, Nan saw Katherine, in the kitchen freshening plates of cheese and loading the dishwasher.

"Ah you must be Nan." Katherine said with a warm smile and a sparkle in her eye.

Nan nodded, setting the glass on the counter and adjusting the hem of her sweater.

"You must be Katherine. Nice to finally meet you. I saw you earlier, but I was trapped in the study talking to, um, what is his name?"

"George. He works in my office. He is a bore."

Nan nodded. He was indeed a bore.

"I love your outfit, very creative and fun. You look beautiful, even after a day at the office."

Nan blushed, thinking that was an odd thing for a woman to say.

"Can I help you with something."

"Do you mind emptying the other dishwasher, I expect people will be leaving soon and we will need to reload."

Katherine walked out of the kitchen, with a platter of cheese and crackers, her heels clicking nicely on the hardwood floors. Nan admired her stride, even and purposeful. Katherine was an art appraiser and owned her own firm. Nan gathered she traveled a fair amount, given that many of her clients were museums and insurance companies.

Lost in thought as she emptied the dishwasher, she did not hear Katherine come back into the kitchen, until Katerine said, "My for a full skirt, it certainly shows your ass very nicely. Tucked in at the waist and then flowing over your hips so smoothly."

Nan turned to face Katherine, who stood behind her, a lite cigarette in her left hand and a very knowing smile on her face.

"Nigel lets you smoke in here?"

"Not in general, but tonight I think he will overlook the transgression."

Katherine took a drag and blew the blueish smoke out through her nose.

Nan realized it was not tobacco, but instead something else entirely.

Katherine held the joint out for Nan to take.

"Go ahead. It is seriously smooth."

Nan took a drag, feeling the burn in her throat and then closing her eyes, imagining the blueish smoke filling her and then flowing out her nose like mist. Katherine was right, it was seriously smooth.

Nan passed it back to Katherine, who took another drag off the joint and quickly handed it back to Nan.

Nan repeated the gesture, and after one last drag Katherine took a saucer and extinguished the joint and smiled warmly at Nan.

"Let's finish up in here and then we can go enjoy the rest of the party."

Nan finished the dishwasher and then hopped up on the counter and sat watching Katherine as she efficiently worked on stacking platters and wrapping up the leftovers and tucking them into the large commercial refrigerator.

"Nan, pull your skirt up." Katrine instructed. Had Nan paused to think about this, it would have seemed strange, but instead Nan reached for the hem of her skirt and pulled the fabric up above her knees.

"Stockings. I knew it. So sexy Nan. You are like a bit of chiffon pie, just begging to be eaten."

Katherine stalked to the counter, promptly putting her hands under the bunched fabric of Nan's skirt and rubbing the smooth creamy skin of Nan's slender thighs. Small circles at first and then increasing in size, allowing her thumbs to absently rub, against the damp satin of Nan's panties. At first Nan thought she should stop Katherine, this felt weird, being intimate with Nigel's girlfriend. Then as that thought flit through her mind, Nan saw herself kissing Katherine. Soft wet, open mouth kisses.

Feeling giddy and turned on, Nan leaned forward, closing her eyes and kissed Katerine, gently at first, just a bit of pressure on her lips and then with more insistence. Surprisingly as Nan felt Katherine's hands slide under the fabric of her panties, Katherine's lips parted slightly and Nan took the chance to deepen the kiss. As Nan snuck her tongue pass Katherine's lips and kissed her softly, then deeply and then softly again, twining her hands through her black long hair, enjoying the feel of the silky strands as they flowed through her fingers like silken waves.

Katherine continued to caress and probe between Nan's spread legs, first circling her clit one way and then the other. Then she slide one finger inside and probed. Nan was wet. Since Nan had sat on the edge of the counter, which formed the breakfast bar, Katherine reached up and pressed her other hand against Nan's breast bone. Breaking the kisses, Katherine said, "Lay back."

Nan obeyed without thinking. She had a good idea what Katherine was about and she decided she wanted it. She had never been with a woman, before, but the kisses had drugged her as much as the joint had and really what was the harm?

Katherine unsnapped the garters and eased the panties over Nan's slim hips, down her legs and over the heels of her shoes. Then Katherine's lips ate a trail back up Nan's leg and her fingered trailed along the other. Nan, leaned up, so that she could see, Katherine's gorgeous black hair floating along the line of her spread legs.

Before Nan could take a deep breath and prepare herself for the feel of Katherine's lips on her pussy, Nan gasp, as Katherine drove two fingers deep insides and began to lash her clit with her tongue. Before Nan knew it, she was gasping for air and trying not to yell out in her pleasure. Normally it took her a while to reach the brink, but Katherine had her there almost immediately.

Just as Nan thought she was going to explode, Katherine stopped and began to right Nan's skirt.

Nan blinked. Leaning up. Looking first at Katherine and then over her shoulder. The kitchen door had moved.

"Shhh..." Katherine murmured

After a long silence stretched between them, Nan felt her skirt brushing against her thighs as Katherine pulled it upward and then again Katherine surprised her. The gentlest of kisses against her inner thigh, near the crease of her leg and Katherine kissing the gentle downward slope of her stomach, the line where her navel melted into her pussy. Butterfly light kisses. Each press of Katherine's lips made Nan twitch.

Just as Nan allowed herself to sink into the counter and relax and allow Katherine to play and tantalize them both, Nan heard a noise. Looking towards the door, she saw Nigel, standing in the center of the kitchen, his gaze fixed on them. His eyes dark, hungry.

Nan tried to sit up but before she could master her strength and raise herself up or find her voice, she feels a hard, warm hand on her belly.

"Stay." Nigel says, his voice deep.

It is then Nan notices the chair.

Nigel settles on the chair and just as he crosses his legs and leans back, obvious hard, Nan gasps, as Katherine lips envelop her clit and her fingers burrow deep, seeking Nan's g-spot.

Meeting Nigel's eyes, Nan allows herself to melt and before she knows it, all she hears are Nigel's deep breaths and her own screams.

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