Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So every writer starts somewhere, right? This is the first bit of erotica I ever conjured. Enjoy.


Meg was shopping in a little bookshop when he walked in, she glanced up from the book she was looking at and soaked up the sight of him. He was dressed very smartly in black slacks and a nice dress shirt, sleeves rolled up and cuffed, displaying his strong forearms and watch. She smiled as she slid her eyes away from his ass and back to the book, hoping he noticed her. Meg liked the look of his hands. She thought about him touching her. She blushed, feeling a bit naughty, having thoughts like that about a stranger in a bookshop.

He walked through the stacks, looking for a title and Meg walked slowly in his direction, following as subtly as possible. He stopped and pulled a book down. Meg kept walking, jostling him slightly as she passed. She smiled a bit, as if to say, “I am sorry” - although she knew he knew, she was not.

Meg paid for her book and headed out the door.

Walking slowing up the street, she paused to see if he was behind her.
Meg stopped at an outdoor cafe and selected a table very near the edge of the eating area. She saw him as he exited the bookshop and headed in her direction. The minute their eyes met, Meg knew, he knew she wanted him.

He entered the cafe and joined Meg at her table, without preamble. They ordered coffee and talked about the books they had selected. Under the table Meg kicked off her shoe and slide her foot up his leg, caressing softly. He paused as he brought the coffee cup to his lips. Meg smiled, as he smiled. Thinking about his lips kissing along her neck, along her collarbone, up towards her neck and hairline, made Meg’s cheeks flush and her body temperature rise.

She moved her foot up his leg and nestled it between his legs - to tease him a bit, to see if he wanted her as much as she wanted him. He swallowed - a gulp of hot coffee. A bit shocked at where her thoughts clearly were going.

Meg sighed as she stood and said she really should be on her way. He offered to walk her.

Meg inclined her head - as if to say - ok.

As they walked, his hand slid around Meg’s waist and then slightly lower. Suddenly she turned them down an alley, and pulled him towards the phone booth, slightly hidden from the avenue. The alley is deserted. Stepping into the phone booth, he pulled the door shut. Meg turned and kissed him guiding his hand up her skirt. To his shock; she was not wearing underwear. He began to touch and tease her.

Meg slide her hand up his leg to the zipper of his pants, unzipping and taking his cock into her hand to caress and tease a bit. With her other hand, she slide the telephone book to the floor and hopped up onto the ledge, pulling her skirt up and him closer to her. Wrapping her legs around his waist.

Smiling she guided him to her and began to kiss him deeply. He pushed inside her and they kissed and moved together, totally swept away by the passion and energy between them; unaware of the waning afternoon light as they indulged in this afternoon delight.

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