Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dinner party

I rather like one. I have reworked it, but this was the original story...
“Anna, did you mean what you said the other day” Will asked while he ran his hand up and down her back as they lay in bed, wiling away another Sunday afternoon.

Anna turned her head towards him and smiled. “ ‘bout what?” she uttered sleepily.
“About wanting to live out a fantasy, be wild and try something new?”

Anna smiled shyly; she knew Will was up to something. He had that look in his eyes. She knew him fairly well by now and he had a busy devious mind. They had been talking about fantasies and being daring the other afternoon over coffee.

Feeling very sleepy and not really wanting to talk about it, she nodded slightly and smiled a bit and snuggled closer to his warm body, nuzzled her nose against his shoulder and let herself drift off peacefully, safe in his arms.

Will held Anna close and listened to her breath. Slow in and out breaths, which were exciting and calming all at once. He knew Anna had all but agreed, given her assent with her quiet smile. Ever since her seductive show at the bar, she had been content to let him lead going forward. She was a wonderful girl and an even more wonderful lover, lusty and playful and always up for a bit of adventure. In short, Anna had been worth the wait.

Will guided Anna through the crowded lobby. They were away for the weekend. Checking out another wonderful city, far from their own. Will had told Anna to think of it as a chance to be a little bit wild and in fact that was exactly what was going to happen. He had made the arrangements a few weeks ago. While the lobby belied the true nature of this private dinner club, Will knew the secret. This club catered to those diners, who wanted a little something more exciting than good prime rib and fabulous chardonnay.

This club was by membership only and featured private dinning rooms, a dance floor, private suites and various other rooms in which to mingle and enjoy the evening. The chef was top rated and the music was always high class. The onsite spa was rumored to be one of the best in the area.

Many people would confuse it with a swing club, but in reality it was merely a nightclub, a private nightclub, where adults could go and play and indulge. Tonight Will planned to indulge Anna and her taste for something a little bit wild.

“This way Anna,” Will said as he lead her through the main doors just past the lobby entrance, the layers of entrances maintaining the patrons’ privacy and preventing nonmembers from getting in on accident. Will had his hand on the small of Anna’s back as they walked. A protective and proprietary gesture, a sign of ownership if one choose to see it that way.

Anna had dressed with her normal flare and had taken great pains with her hair. She looked like a million dollars. Her dark tresses shown in the muted light and her creamy pale skin looked a bit flushed. Will wondered if she was more nervous than excited or more excited than nervous. He had not told her much about the club. Just that they had dinner reservations and that it would be a night to remember.

In the main hallway there were hostesses, taking coats, issuing claim checks, offering suggestions as to which saloon would suit the couples mood. Will gave the perky blond hostess their coats and then gave her their name. She smiled broadly and said, “Oh yes, Mr. Truman, your dinning room will be ready very soon. Would you like to have a drink in the Art salon, while you wait? Someone will be by shortly once all the preparations are complete.”

Will nodded. Once again he guided Anna, his hand at the small of her back down the hallway and towards the salon.

Anna craned her neck and looked at him. “Will, are you kidding me. Did you really make our reservations under Truman; like Will Truman on Will & Grace?” Bemused Anna shook her head and in the light, the diamond earrings in her ears danced and Will swore the lights danced away from her like a comet or a cosmic shower.

“Yes, Anna that is exactly what I did.”

Once they reached the salon, he guided her to a plush velvet couch, in a deep red and he ordered two glasses of wine from the cocktail waitress.

Sitting nestled close; Will rested his hand on Anna’s thigh, just at the edge of her skirt. He knew inches away, up her thigh, he would find warm and creamy and naked flesh. She had on thigh hi stockings, as always. Tonight in the hotel, he had watched her attentively as she dressed. It was almost as erotic as watching her undress, almost.

“So Anna, tonight, it is about us and what we want. It is about living and enjoying and not fearing. No one will judge us and no one we know will ever know. I have made sure of it. In life there are those that do, those that watch and those that daydream.”

Leaning close, he kissed her firmly but gently on the lips. Not wanting to smug her beautiful lipstick too much. Not yet anyway.

As he broke the kiss and eased back, once again considering his glass of wine, she gave him a slightly puzzled but thoughtful look but said nothing.

Just as they both finished their wine in silence, a young waiter walked over to them, leaned closer to Will and announced that their dinning room was ready.
Following the waiter down the hall, Will guiding Anna, they walked and then entered a small dining room. The table was set for eight. Anna was surprised. She had not known they would be meeting people.

“Mr. Truman your guests should arrive shortly. We wanted to give you the time to prepare as you requested.”

Nodding Will pulled out Anna’s chair and she took her seat.

“Thank you. I think we need about ten minutes.”
“Very well. I will let them know.”

“Will, what is going on? Who are we meeting?” Anna asked growing increasingly confused.

“We are not really meeting anyone. Some people will be joining us for dinner. You will not have to worry about a thing.”

Just then, Will pulled from his suit jacket pocket, as black silk blind fold. Anna recognized it. They had used it a while back, at home, when they had been feeling especially playful.

“Anna, tonight is about you. You wanted to experience something and I am in the position to give it to you, to make your fantasy come true. You will not have to worry about anything. I can assure that no one here tonight will know you; you will not see them and we do not know them. Nothing bad will happen, I will not leave your side and no one will touch you, but me. You know my touch. You know my voice. I will protect you.”

Slowly she nodded. She felt a shiver of fear run down her spine, followed closely by a thrill of excitement. Will was going to go through with what they had discussed that day over coffee. He had planned it out and it would become real.

He stepped behind her chair and gently adjusted her hair and then just as gently he tied the blindfold over her eyes. Then he took the chair next to her and took her smaller hand in his.

After a few minutes, of them sitting there quietly and her blood zinging through her veins, she heard noises. The crisp sound of satin skirts, the quiet thud of heels against the floor, the movement of men’s jackets and the sliding and movement of chairs. The gentle sounds of cutlery, plates and cups, being adjusted and moved on the table before them. In the distance, or perhaps it sounded that way because she could not see, she heard whispers, the names of drinks being spoken. Was it the same young man who had brought them to this room? She could not tell.

She felt a presence near her right shoulder and then heard a hushed voice speaking over her head to Will. Then she heard Will placing their order. Ordering for her as he often did. Careful about her preferences but making the choices all the same, all the while, his hand holding hers gently; his fingers tracing circles around the very sensitive skin of her wrist. She should have felt more self-conscious, more fear she thought in a distance corner of her mind, but instead she felt peaceful and secure in Will’s presence. He said he had planned the evening and she believed him. He never failed her. He never left her to fend for herself. He never canceled at the last minute, disrespected her. He loved her and cherished her and showed her every chance he got. She relaxed in her chair and listened to the small noises around her, people whispering to each other. She knew there were women and men in the room, as she could hear the various voiced, quiet though they were.

Soon servers entered the room and she heard the noises of plates being set down, water being poured, and bread being offered. No one spoke to her and yet she could feel the movement around, that she too now had a plate in front of her, a glass full, and a roll on her right.

She reached out for her fork; only to have Will stop her hand gently with his.
“Now we do not want you to mess your dress now do we Anna?” he asked gently, the way one might ask a child.

She shook her head and set her hand down, back in her lap.

“Well then, I shall just have to look after you, because we cannot have you hungry either. That will not do.”

Slowly he reached forward, took some risotto on to the spoon and brought it to her lips. Then naturally, as if this happened everyday, she opened her mouth and Will slipped the spoon inside. Anna closed her lips gently and Will removed the spoon. She could not see, but Will smiled. Anna looked so sweet as she allowed herself to be fed, as if she were a young girl.

The pattern continued until her meal was gone. Slowly and smoothly Will had eaten his meal and fed Anna. Around them various conversations were in full swing and yet, no one spoke to them. It was as if they were alone, but surrounded. An island surrounded by water but untouched.

Quickly a waiter stepped forward to remove their dished. Will had forgone the salad course and a more complicated meal, to allow for the evening events. Tomorrow they would have a proper meal, tonight was not so much about the food. It was about indulging Anna.

After the waiter had cleared their place, Will signaled the waiters and they also quickly and quietly removed the candleholders closest to Will and Anna and moved the centerpiece. All that was before him now was a wonder white tablecloth and a blood red table runner. Anna would look stunning he decided.

Easing his chair back, he stood and eased her chair back; taking her hand he helped her stand and then turned her gently into him and kissed her sweetly. She looked so sweet, so shy and so sexy all at once. He could tell she was wondering what was going on, her senses very in tune with what was happening in the room.

He backed her gently against the edge of the table and retook his seat, moving the chair closer. Then with his hands on her slim waist, he lifted her and set her down on the edge of the table and then eased her back.

The table was higher than most, a plus in this case. Her legs dangled slightly. Smiling he ran his hand under her skirt to touch and stroke her upper thigh, where the stockings stopped. Her creamy soft skin was very warm to his touch.

“ Did you remember my instructions, Anna? Did you take off your panties as I asked, before we left,” he asked quietly, almost in a whisper.

She nodded.

“Good girl, Anna. Now lean back on the table, resting on your elbows.”

As she settled herself back, he reached down, taking her left ankle in his hand and bent her knees, resting her foot on the arm of the chair. Then he turned to the right slightly and repeated the process. She was on the table now, her skirt riding up, her body arching slightly, at the angle of her legs and elbows. The position hid most of her from the men and women seated around the table. Will wanted to ease Anna into the fun.

Moving smoothly, he ran his right hand from her ankle, along the silkiness of her stocking, over the lace and then along her creamy thigh, to her pussy. Which was warm and moist. There could be no mistake; Anna was enjoying this fantasy come to life.

Once Will had Anna exposed to his satisfaction, her skirt up and just resting on her opened knees, like a tent, he began to inch it backwards, letting the smooth material caress her bear skin, revealing inch after luscious inch of creamy thigh and then her pink, bare and glistening pussy.

“Will, “ whispered Anna, a slight tremor in her voice, “what are you doing?”

“Preparing to have desert.” Was his quiet reply.

Without another word, he ran his hands, in unison, from her knees to the delicate area, where Anna’s thighs and pelvis merged. Will wanted to dive in and gorge himself on the feast before him, but since he was indulging Anna, he forced himself to wait, to take matters slowly.

He let his fingers play along her skin, drawing lines and circles, casually as if he had all night. Every so often he would let his fingers drift closer to her clit or to her moist pussy, but always he was just far enough away to tease and taunt her. His caresses hinted at what she could have.

Recently they had begun to play a bit of a game. They would tease on another. Seeing who could make the other ask first. Will was planning to make Anna beg tonight.
After a bit Anna grew restless. She began to move every so slightly into the caresses, shifting her bottom or raising her hips.

“Anna, you must be still.” Will whispered and all but stopped his caresses.

She must have figured it out because she immediately stopped moving. The only movement Will could discern was that of her breathing, which had swallowed and was coming in faster bursts. She was gasping now and her body was tense with her efforts to keep still and thus continue his teasing and soft caresses.

Then quietly he heard her utter the magic words, “Will please.”

“Please what Anna?”

“Please touch me,” she murmured, barely audible.

“Anna, I am touching you.”

“Will please touch me, really touch me.” She murmured shifting and fidgeting again.
Will stilled one hand on her inner thigh, just below her lacy stocking and let the other hand rest upon her lower belly, just above her pussy.

He considered her for a moment. Damn she was beautiful

“Will please, no more teasing touch me, make me cum, as only you can.”

Will’s smile broaden. While she had whispered her request, everyone in the room had heard her and had shifted their attention to them.

“Are you sure that is what you want Anna?”

“Hmmmm. Yes. Please.”

With that Will lowered his hand from her belly and let his fingers dance over her clit. Teasing soft strokes, followed by firmer more focused strokes, then again with the teasing soft strokes.

She was making a serious of very pleasant and very cute noises. Anna was loud in her pleasure. She relished the journey to ecstasy almost the same way one savors the finest chocolate. She never rushed and she knew how to make it last. Will loved this about her. It was hot to watch her climb and peak and then soar.

Slowly he eased his hand down her thigh and to her pussy. Which was no longer moist, but wet and ready now. Easing a finger inside her, he continued his dance around her clit.

He could feel her about to come now. He knew the patterns and he was very much in tune to her body tonight. Easing back, he slowed the tempo of his fingers and eased his chair back a bit.

“I think my desert is all ready for me. What do you think Anna?” he whispered against her thigh.

He felt her shudder slightly and then whisper, “yes.”

Without delay, he took her clit between his lips and suckled slightly and then let his tongue resume the dance his fingers had abounded earlier. Anna was moving her hip slightly in tempo with his tongue and she was making delish little moans and sighs; providing the music for their dance.

Will for a moment lost track of time and simply indulged with Anna, the taste of her passion. After he had sated his desire with her for the moment, regaining a bit of control, he eased a finger once again into her, relishing her warmth and the tightness of her pussy. She was on the brink and he wanted to push her over.

Pausing the dance of his tongue he eased up and said to her, “Anna, do you want to come, sweetheart. Tell me tell me what you want.”

She fussed a bit as he stopped and then, whispered, “I want to come Will, please. It feels so good and I want to come.”

“Even now, in front of others, on the dinning table, you want to come?”
“Even now. Will please.”

Her hips were moving and she was restless in her passion.

Returning his fingers to her clit he rubbed and then at the same moment his tongue began to dance around Anna’s clit, his finger surged inside of her. As she gasped, he added a second finger and relentless began to dance and stroke them inside her as his tongue sought to drive her wild.

She was moving in time to his movements and then abruptly she screamed, literally screamed his name and came and did so hard; only to get a second wind and come again.
Will not one to stop while he was ahead, kept up his attention and upped the tempo slightly and his efforts were rewarded with Anna, moaning and moaning again and then he felt the tremors take her, radiating from her pussy and through her entire body.
Then she slumped a bit, melting into the table.

Will slide his chair back and stood, taking Anna into his arms, lifting her from the table and walking to the far edge of the room, settling them onto the small love seat. Anna curled her body into him and Will leaned in and kissed her sweetly on the forehead and then gently on the lips. She snuggled closer still.

Will held her on his lap and stroked her hair. Her back and then he noticed the coupled filing out of the room, two by two.

Once the room was empty, Will leaned Anna back and removed the blindfold. Putting it back into his suit jacket pocket. Anna opened her eyes slowly, dark eyes even darker with spent passion and wonder.

Smiling he kissed her passionately and then slowly gentled the kiss, eased back, drew her head back against his chest and whispered, “Anna, I love you.”

Raising her head, she smiled and whispered, “I love you, Will. Now lets go back to the hotel and do that again.”

A Hike Might be Nice

Fair warning, my French is very rusty. Feedback gladly accepted.

Meg huffed her way up the path, in front of them. This was not exactly what she had had in mind when Andi had asked her about going on a hiking trip this weekend. The same Andi, who two years ago had flirted shamelessly with her in Zurich and then disappeared with the pretty blond Russian tennis player.

When Andi had shown up at her office, on loan for the upcoming World Cup ski torment, which was to take place in Salt Lake City during the holidays, she had been both irked and excited. As the marketing director, she needed his connections and his experience with high profile European athletes. What she did not need was his high class European attitude. Andi ran hot and cold she decided, thinking the things she had heard about Frenchman, or she mused French speaking men, Andi was after all Swiss, were all true.

So here she was, on a hiking trip, which he had asked her on, thinking he meant for them to be alone, when in reality, she was hiking with he and his best buddy, Jean-Luc. All morning as they hiked up the mountain, hell bent for leather, to reach the lake by lunch time, they, the bosom buddies were happily chatting away in French. Sonofabitch.

As she walked about 500 feet ahead, she heard bits and pieces of their conversation. Little did they know she could grasp the jist of the conversation, having eight years and one love affair’s worth of French under her belt. Fucking stock reports were just as boring in French as English. Sonsofbitches.

Meg admitted ruefully that the scenery was beautiful. Might as well enjoy it, she thought, as she slowed her pace, fished in her pack for her Ipod and turned on her music. Jogging a tad to put more distance between them, Meg set off up the mountain, it would be an easy hike to the campsite and she knew the trail well, let Andi and Luc chat away.

After an hour or so, Meg neared the mountain top lake, where they had planned to set up camp and eat lunch. The lake was beautiful, filling the meadow on the tip of the slight plateau. She vaguely heard the guys trudging up the hill behind her. She sat her pack down on the path and plopped down on the large rock just off the path. She waited until the guys emerged from the trees and walked to join her.
Andi nodded to her.

“Let’s set up over there.” He stated firmly, pointing to a cluster of evergreens on the north side of the lake.

Meg nodded, not removing her ear bugs and hoisted her pack back over her shoulders and this time followed behind the guys.

She had to admit, as they pitched the tents and set up camp, that Luc knew what he was doing when it came to camping. He also had a great ass for an accountant. Andi had said he worked for a bank in Zurich. Meg decided he must count things by day and bust ass at night. His biceps were nothing to sneeze at either. He made the reasonable athletic Andi, look slight pudgy.

Good Meg thought, she could ogle and they could talk shop. Not a bad deal actually. Beat cleaning her apartment and dodging her mother’s weekly phone calls, trying to set her up with divorced plastic surgeons or plumbers from the union office.

Andi and Luc set off to collect stones and firewood; telling her to stay near the camp. Meg yelled after them, up the path, that she was going to wade out into the lake and sunbathe on the large rock a few feet from the shore.

Andi nodded as he hustled to keep up with Luc, who was inexplicable still talking about the EU’s grain import policy and the prices of wheat on the futures market.
Meg rummaged in her pack for her book, trail mix, and beach towel. At least the sun was shining and she figured the guys would be gone for awhile.

Scaling the side of the rock, which had to be about 6 feet high and about 9 feet wide, Meg reached the top and decided to face east. Spreading out her blanket she sat down, took off her boots and socks, slipped her shorts over her slim hips and then took off her jacket and long sleeved tee. She had worn her athletic bikini under her hiking gear, hoping it would warm up enough to sunbath. The sun up in the mountains was still warm enough for some late summer sunning, even if it was early September.

Lying on her tummy, she began to read the erotic romance she had grabbed off her to be read pile. Just her luck, in the woods with two hot men and they discussed wheat and she read smut. God was so laughing her ass off.

Glancing at her watch as she set the book aside, she estimated the guys had been gone for about an hour. Whew, that was one hot book Meg thought and the sun always, well got her worked up.

Sitting up she glanced around and turned off her iPod. Maybe she would time to take care of business before the guys got back. It was quiet, no one was around and the sun was deliciously warm as was her pussy. Damn it had been too long and she had mistakenly thought Andi had finally taken the hint and would be up for scratching the itch. Instead he shows up with a chaperone. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Feeling like the coast was clear, she eased her bikini bottoms down over her thighs, and letting then slide over her knees to pool around her ankles. MMM, the rock was cool even thru her beach towel, but the sun was warm. Thinking about taking off her top, to let the sun kiss her nipples, she decided against it and ran her hand down her tummy to her warm and thanks to the story, wet pussy. She did not have all day and really there was no real reason to drag this out.

Her fingers followed the curve of her belly to the edge of her landing strip, to her clit. Meg closed her eyes and touched softly at first. Spreading the moisture around and teasing herself a bit. She thought about the vampire story she had been reading and then pictured Luc’s head between her spread thighs. Goodness that would be hot. Luc eating her pussy while Andi watched. Or Andi fucking her tits, while Luc ate her pussy now that would be even hotter she thought, as she increased the pressure of her fingers on her clit. Yeah, that was the ticket. Lost in her thoughts and sinking deeper into her arousal, she did not hear the guys as they walked up the path on the opposite side of the lake. She had assumed they would come back the way they had gone.

Feeling bolder and more aroused she took a deep breath and slipped a finger inside, while continuing to massage her clit, Meg let her mind drift. So much so she did not hear Andi when called to her.

Luc and Andi, set up a fire ring with the rocks they had gathered and arranged the wood. Andi saw Meg’s note and motioned toward the rock, “Luc, she is over there, sunning herself. Let’s join her while we eat.”

Andi fished sandwiches from his pack and threw one at Luc. As they walked toward the large rock, Andi motioned to towards the woods, saying “I will be right there.”
Luc walked to the base of the rock, thru the shallow water and proceeded to climb up to the top and as he crested the far edge he heard Andi coming up behind him and up the other side of the rock. Luc pulled himself up resting on his elbows, just as Andi began his ascent, Luc saw the most amazing thing.

“Mon Dieu, cela baise chaud.” Luc stage whispered.

Andi reached the top of the rock from the opposite side, looked at Luc’s face across the rock and then glanced towards Meg. Fuck that was fucking hot. Meg looked like she was asleep, her face facing him, her eyes closed and her mouth open slightly, her hands between her naked and very shapely thighs as she pleasured herself. Fuck. Baise.

Luc and Andi’s eyes held a moment and then they both let out a breath and said again, “Mon Dieu, cela baise chaud.”

Meg had been close when Luc had stumbled upon her. Damn, when did they get so sneaky or had she been so lost, she had not heard them. When she heard Andi’s curse she knew she had been found out for sure. Not one to waste the play time, Meg made a split second decision to carry on and carry on but good. Why not have a little fun?
“Je sais, le besoin pour regarder encore ?” she answered, giving away the fact that she could in fact not only understand them, but answer back.

Satisfied that she seriously had their attention, she eased her fingers from her pussy and brought them to her lips, licking her fingers and humming her approval.
“Baiser oui.” They both exclaimed as Meg slide her hand back to her wet pussy and began to fuck her fingers in and out, increasing the pressure on her clit at the same time. They were right, this was fucking hot. Being outside mostly naked in the sun had been hot, being outside, nearly naked in the sun with an audience was hotter, in fact it was fucking hot.

Almost there Meg took a deep breath, when she heard Andi mutter, “Je veux un gout.”
Forgetting the game and being consumed by the desire to have him taste, she answered, “So come over here and taste.”

Her brown eyes met his sparkling green ones, as if the challenge him to say no.
Luc looked astonished and said fiercely, “Baiser oui.”

Before Meg could draw a breath, Andi was between her thighs and his fingers replaced her own and he fucked in and out, as his mouth set about torturing her clit. Her head thrashed from side to side and she felt her pussy tightening further, more with each stroke of his finger. He increased the pressure of his tongue and suddenly the sun faded to a pinhead of light, she squeezed her eyes shut and as she came she shouted, “Baiser oui. Fuck, Andi that is good.” As she came and then came once again.
Dazzled by the intensity of her orgasm and the delight of being so deliciously naughty, she barely noticed Andi shifting back and to the left and did not register that Luc had moved closer, until she heard him whisper, my turn.

“Baiser oui.” Meg thought, this might not be such a bad weekend after all.

Oh the things you can see, when up in a tree

This story is my most recent...

Wrong Place, Right Time


Fuck, the bullet that went clean through his thigh. Fuck, his brother in law and his fat ass friends, who thought this was a swell way to spend a weekend. Fuck, his sister for encouraging her dumbassed husband to invite him out on this stupid camping trip. Fuck whichever President thought it was a good idea to play war games in a third world cesspool, even the fucking Russians had had enough shit for brains to pull out of. Fuck, he was back at square fucking one.

What kind of fucking sonsofbitches invite a Marine sharp shooter on their camping/paintball hunting survival expedition?

So that is how he ended up, half way up a large assed fucking tree, near a lake, in the mountains in the early fall, with cheap assed binoculars and a paintball rifle and a hit list. Picking these lard asses off was easy. They trudged like elephants. Damn, you could hear them miles away.

Bif, well Barry but Bif sounded dumber; his brother in law was a card carrying dumbass. He and his poker buddies, had decided it would be fun to play war games in the woods and they were down a man, so Bif asked him along. Normally they had teams or some shit, but this weekend, it was a Darwin type survival of the fittest fat guy fantasy. So each man had to camp on his own and whoever was the last man standing was the winner. Friday night they had an hour to hike apart and then let the games begin. Friday at one hour and 10 minutes in, he had shot three. Dead. Well splattered with paint dead. That left three, including him. Then they could be done.

He had slept in a cave. Then at first light, he made a perimeter; about a mile in either direction and then about a half mile off the path, not a great perimeter, but good enough to trap these goons. Finding this tree had been a boon. It had a great place to hide and he was up high enough to see the paths clearly. Some cleverly placed sticks, near the tree and he was set. As the sun rose, he napped.

Glancing at his watch, he waited. He bet the drunken fools were sleeping it off. Good, made them fat and slower. The soon he wacked them, the sooner they could head home.

Passing in and out of sleep from sunrise until about ten in the morning, dreaming or unconsciously wandering to memories of nights spent in Kosovo, with Slavic chicks and good vodka, to the nightmare in Afghanistan, and his nice soft bed at his sisters.

Finally he came back, full alert, snapping back to reality when he heard a twig snap to the east. The steps were lighter than he would have imagined. Then he heard humming, which of the fatsos hummed he wondered. Raising the binoculars, and scanning the area left to right, he noticed a red backpack well to the east, but the sounds were closer than that the pack, which was visible just over the ridge. Holding the binoculars with one hand and raising the gun with the other, he waited and listened. Steps were closing in on him. The humming sounded like it was right next to the tree. Weird.

Then in the blink of an eye, he saw her, black pack and long shapely legs, blurring past his tree and towards the lake. Great they had company. Fuck. This made it more complicated. Normal people in the midst of middle aged fatso fucking stupid games. Fuck this shit, he should have walked back to his sisters, told her, her husband had shit for brains but no, he had climbed a fucking tree and thought about hot Slavic pussy, bullet ridden mud shacks and how fucking stupid he was to have agreed to play this stupid game.

Now there was a woman loose in the woods, with paint gun toting fatso drunk engineers and accountants. He bet they’d shot her. Sonsofbitches. He thought about radioing in and giving up his position, Paul, the dipshit had said breaking radio silence would be like getting shot, you were out. Where was the downside he wondered?

Then there was a thudding, right under his tree, looking down he saw two men, walking in unison. Fit guys, walking in unison and chattering away like hens. In French, no less, what was the fucking world coming to, he wondered, raising the binoculars and sighting the woman again. She was perched on a rock, in the small clearing at the south end of the lake. She looked pissed he decided. She must be with the henning French guys, he surmised. Then they entered the clearing, spoke to the woman and the three walked a few passes further into the clearing, one of the men pointed to some trees, the other two nodded and then walked on in the direction of the trees.

As the sun had shifted and he hoped to stop the fatso before they stampeded like elephants into these folks camps, he leapt from the tree and went in search of a better position, to keep an eye on the French crowd and the fatsos.

Walking thru the woods, around the lake, to a tree roughly in between the two paths which lead to the lake, he climbed up and wedged himself into position, his traps, would still work and his sight line was better. Digging in the pocket of his field pants, which Paul had commented on when they all got out of the van, “Dude, nice pants” the fucker had said.

“Where’d you get those,” Paul slurred, clearly having enjoyed a beer or two on the ride up mountain.

“Uncle Sam.” He had responded.

“Yeah, I love them surplus store also man. Cool stuff there.” Paul slurred again.

He had just walked away. Surplus his ass. Paul’s tax dollars at work, Uncle Sam dressed them the best, all the better to get shot in. Fucking drunken fatso.

Raising the binoculars, he watched as the threesome, pitched their tents, and arranged the campsite. The men waved in the direction of the far side of the lake and the woman stayed behind, rummaging in her pack and taking off her jacket. When she entered one of the tents, he looked around, scanning his perimeter and waiting.

When he trained the binoculars on the woman again, he saw she was on the move, with a smaller pack. She skirted the lake, heading towards the big rock, near the edge of the lake. She splashed carelessly in the shallow water, scaled the rock better than some of the punkasses in his platoon and squatted down on top of the rock, pulled a blanket out of her pack, turned slowly, settled on a spot and spread the blanket.

Then she pulled out a book, looked at the sun once again, pulled her shirt over her head and dropped trou. Fucking A, what had he done to deserve this? She had an ass like a million bucks. He zeroed in the binoculars on her glorious ass and reminded himself not to drool. The bikini bottoms where no thong, but the fabric cupped her ass like a man’s hands. Then she stretched and drew the t-shirt over her head, to reveal one of those sporty bikini tops. Not the hottest thing in the world, but damn she had decent tits and this bit of fabric beat a t-shirt.

After her stretch, she settled down on the blanket on her tummy and from his angle in the tree that meant he had an ass eye view. Hot damn, chasing drunken punkasses around the woods, just took a turn. Ogling hot ass, while chasing fucking desk jockey punks around the forest was not half bad, because that woman; she had a great ass.

Taking a glance around, he settled into the tree limbs to stare at the ass in view and listen with one ear, for the sounds of stomping punks. This was better than road runner cartoons. In Afghan land, he had only seen walking chair covers and curtains and since coming home to rehab, he had seen his very butch therapist and his sister and her do-gooding friends. No skin to be had, no liquor and no skin, most of his mates called it hell and it had nothing to do with the heat and his home confinement with his sister and her dumbass husband was getting close, only there was beer, he reminded himself as he focused the binoculars, closer to the curve of the woman’s righteous assets.

This ritual of ogling and scanning went on for a good bit, not that he was counting the minutes. The longer he ogled he swore he felt almost every flex of her glut or shift of her legs in his balls. Damn, what it must feel like to fuck her, those sexy thighs tightening around a man’s, no correction, his waist. Her moaning and flexing with every hard thrust of his cock and sighing with every retreat, eyes begging, fuck me those eyes would beg as he took her over and over. His solider stood at attention, when he thought about fucking that ass. Reluctantly he scanned the area and zeroed in on a spot a ways away - - there was movement. He could not make out what it was, but kept his eyes on it, tracking it as it fluttered through the forest.

Ass or no ass, he kept his eye on the flutter in the forest. He was not getting picked off by a drunken fatso wannabe commando. It was bad enough the Afghan kid had caught him off guard in the marketplace, landing him in this forest with the wannabes, and yeah, he thought, eye trained on the flutter, one hot piece of ass.

Watching the flutter, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck start to prickle, he turned towards the feeling and relaxed quickly, it was the two men, walking back. A quick glance to confirm and he returned to the flutter, which was moving slower now, as if sensing there were more humans in the direction it had been heading. Eyes keen on the movement; he was relieved when in a slight clearing he confirmed it was a deer, running now in another direction, away from the people. Her senses being better than the fatsos, he was sure.

Scanning his perimeter and looking way off to the horizon, he scanned and scanned, hoping they would be in sight, so he could take aim and whack them. Game over. Go home and in a nice hot shower he could jack off, thinking about that luscious bit of ass. Seemed like as good a plan as any.

Training the binoculars back on the rock, he noticed she had flipped, and holy mother, she had lost the bikini bottoms. Damn, how had he missed that? Now he had a bird’s eye view of her pussy. She was on her back, legs spread, hand between her legs, fingers strumming her pussy. Moving his gaze up her body, he looked at her face, her eyes seemed closed and her mouth was parted. Moving down her body again, he noticed her breathing and with each breath her tits moved in a very enticing way.

Training his eye back on her fingers he could almost feel it, the warm wet pussy, under his finger tips. It looked like she kept the hair trimmed neat and she clearly knew what she was doing, she was gyrating her hips against her fingers, causing her thighs to jiggle, but in a fucking hot way, just enough to give a hint at her softness. Her ass had been hot, but this, watching her play with her pussy, was almost enough to have him out of the tree and up on the rock, in a blink of an eye.

Jesus H Christ that was hot; a naked girl, on a rock, in the forest, getting herself off.

Reluctantly he scanned the perimeter. Half tempted to radio in, so he could end this game and go off into the words and jerk off, it seemed to be the thing to do and damn she had him hotter than the fucking desert he was due to return to in a few weeks. Note to self: find a woman and get laid, soon.

Taking his time to scan the area, once sufficiently satisfied he was not a target of rogue accountants and engineers, he flipped his gaze back to little Miss-I-am-getting-off. In the blink of an eye, he noticed the two men, heading towards the rock. Oh damn, this was going the end the little show and by the looks of it, it was almost over anyway, she was rocking her hips and there was a tension in her body, which had to mean she was close. Man, right about now, he was willing to give his left nut, for a closer view and a taste. To have his face buried between those thighs. Hell she could keep touching and he would feast, at this point, he was not picky.

Dragging his gaze from her pussy and busy finger tips, he noticed the guys scaling the rock. Fuck. They were going to ruin the view. The fitter, blond made it to the crest of the rock first. And he froze like a doe in the cross hairs. Stock still, but from this angle he could not see the other man’s face.

She heard and sat up, slightly, but kept her hand where it was. Oh, this was getting interesting. Just as she sat up, the other guy pushed himself and over the edge of the rock, Oh shit, was the look on his face.

Moving the binoculars up slightly, getting a view of her face, he could see the defiant look on her face. She was speaking to the brown haired one, inclining her head in that direction. He watched, wondering if those pusses were telling her to stop. Idiots, they should sit back, shut the fuck up and watch the show. In some parts of the world a show like this cost you some serious cash. He would know, he had gladly forked over the cash for the privilege.

Glancing around the forest, he returning his view to the rock and holy fucking shit, in the time he had looked around his perimeter, the dark haired guy had dove between the chick’s thighs and was eating like it was his last meal. Fuck, he wished he could get in line. This guy seemed to know what he was about, cuz the chick was thrashing about and he swore he could hear her moans, drifting on the wind. That or his imagination was taking over. Adjusting the binoculars for a closer view, he closed his eyes and imaged the taste. She must taste good, earthy and sweet.

Her body stiffened and he could see her toes curling, just as the other guy, must have said something, then she came and from the looks of it she came hard. Then maybe again.

The man shifted back on his heels, with what he imaged had to be a shit eating, no in this case pussy eating grin. Then the blond one must have said something and she leaned up replied and eased herself back on her elbows.

Thinking the scene was over; he glanced at his perimeter and noticed something far off in the distance. Watching for a few moments, he returned his gaze to the rock. Holy Shit! The blond one was buried between her thighs. Eating, but with less gusto. He would pause and raise his head. WTF? Eat man, go for it. This chick lived to be devoured it would appear, so eat.

Fuck, this was better than porn. She was taking them both on, on a rock, at damn near high noon, in the forest.

The blond one seemed content on enjoying his treat and she seemed to relax and let him take it slow. The darker one said something, she chuckled or so he assumed, since her body rippled, and it must have been something the blond one liked, cuz he shifted slighted and her body rippled again and she was thrashing around and her thighs tighten and flexed and then her body tensed and this time he swore he could hear her screaming. Bet he found her g-spot. Fuck, go for it blondie, do that again, he thought.

Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement, pivoted, sighted the wayward accountants. About a klick away, each about 750 yards apart, he guessed. That gave him some time. Shit, maybe they would shot each other and save him the trouble, but somehow he doubted he would get so lucky.

Fixing his gaze on rock, he noticed, the guys were sitting around the woman, who sadly was mostly hidden from view. She sat up, looked for her bottoms.

Stand up honey, let’s see that ass one more time he willed. Amazingly she did, and as she shimmed into the bikini bottoms, he let his gaze linger on her ass one last time. She giggle or laughed and playfully tugged on the blond’s hair, then sat down between them and accepted a bit of whatever they had brought with them.

Damn, that had been hot.

Just then, he heard a twig snap, then another, sighted the two remaining punkass wanna be commandos, aimed his paint ball gun and pop, pop, then further to the left, pop, pop. Hitting them both square in the chest. The game was over.

Jumping out of the tree, he grinned at them. Randy as hell and glad this shit was over, he was going to double time it back to camp, collect his winnings, naturally these assholes had bet they could take him down, punkasses and he was heading into town and find him a willing woman. It had been too long and damn, he was up for some good American pussy and a pair of tits and after he ate, unlike those two French pusses, he knew what to do, all night long. Fuck!