Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Hike Might be Nice

Fair warning, my French is very rusty. Feedback gladly accepted.

Meg huffed her way up the path, in front of them. This was not exactly what she had had in mind when Andi had asked her about going on a hiking trip this weekend. The same Andi, who two years ago had flirted shamelessly with her in Zurich and then disappeared with the pretty blond Russian tennis player.

When Andi had shown up at her office, on loan for the upcoming World Cup ski torment, which was to take place in Salt Lake City during the holidays, she had been both irked and excited. As the marketing director, she needed his connections and his experience with high profile European athletes. What she did not need was his high class European attitude. Andi ran hot and cold she decided, thinking the things she had heard about Frenchman, or she mused French speaking men, Andi was after all Swiss, were all true.

So here she was, on a hiking trip, which he had asked her on, thinking he meant for them to be alone, when in reality, she was hiking with he and his best buddy, Jean-Luc. All morning as they hiked up the mountain, hell bent for leather, to reach the lake by lunch time, they, the bosom buddies were happily chatting away in French. Sonofabitch.

As she walked about 500 feet ahead, she heard bits and pieces of their conversation. Little did they know she could grasp the jist of the conversation, having eight years and one love affair’s worth of French under her belt. Fucking stock reports were just as boring in French as English. Sonsofbitches.

Meg admitted ruefully that the scenery was beautiful. Might as well enjoy it, she thought, as she slowed her pace, fished in her pack for her Ipod and turned on her music. Jogging a tad to put more distance between them, Meg set off up the mountain, it would be an easy hike to the campsite and she knew the trail well, let Andi and Luc chat away.

After an hour or so, Meg neared the mountain top lake, where they had planned to set up camp and eat lunch. The lake was beautiful, filling the meadow on the tip of the slight plateau. She vaguely heard the guys trudging up the hill behind her. She sat her pack down on the path and plopped down on the large rock just off the path. She waited until the guys emerged from the trees and walked to join her.
Andi nodded to her.

“Let’s set up over there.” He stated firmly, pointing to a cluster of evergreens on the north side of the lake.

Meg nodded, not removing her ear bugs and hoisted her pack back over her shoulders and this time followed behind the guys.

She had to admit, as they pitched the tents and set up camp, that Luc knew what he was doing when it came to camping. He also had a great ass for an accountant. Andi had said he worked for a bank in Zurich. Meg decided he must count things by day and bust ass at night. His biceps were nothing to sneeze at either. He made the reasonable athletic Andi, look slight pudgy.

Good Meg thought, she could ogle and they could talk shop. Not a bad deal actually. Beat cleaning her apartment and dodging her mother’s weekly phone calls, trying to set her up with divorced plastic surgeons or plumbers from the union office.

Andi and Luc set off to collect stones and firewood; telling her to stay near the camp. Meg yelled after them, up the path, that she was going to wade out into the lake and sunbathe on the large rock a few feet from the shore.

Andi nodded as he hustled to keep up with Luc, who was inexplicable still talking about the EU’s grain import policy and the prices of wheat on the futures market.
Meg rummaged in her pack for her book, trail mix, and beach towel. At least the sun was shining and she figured the guys would be gone for awhile.

Scaling the side of the rock, which had to be about 6 feet high and about 9 feet wide, Meg reached the top and decided to face east. Spreading out her blanket she sat down, took off her boots and socks, slipped her shorts over her slim hips and then took off her jacket and long sleeved tee. She had worn her athletic bikini under her hiking gear, hoping it would warm up enough to sunbath. The sun up in the mountains was still warm enough for some late summer sunning, even if it was early September.

Lying on her tummy, she began to read the erotic romance she had grabbed off her to be read pile. Just her luck, in the woods with two hot men and they discussed wheat and she read smut. God was so laughing her ass off.

Glancing at her watch as she set the book aside, she estimated the guys had been gone for about an hour. Whew, that was one hot book Meg thought and the sun always, well got her worked up.

Sitting up she glanced around and turned off her iPod. Maybe she would time to take care of business before the guys got back. It was quiet, no one was around and the sun was deliciously warm as was her pussy. Damn it had been too long and she had mistakenly thought Andi had finally taken the hint and would be up for scratching the itch. Instead he shows up with a chaperone. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Feeling like the coast was clear, she eased her bikini bottoms down over her thighs, and letting then slide over her knees to pool around her ankles. MMM, the rock was cool even thru her beach towel, but the sun was warm. Thinking about taking off her top, to let the sun kiss her nipples, she decided against it and ran her hand down her tummy to her warm and thanks to the story, wet pussy. She did not have all day and really there was no real reason to drag this out.

Her fingers followed the curve of her belly to the edge of her landing strip, to her clit. Meg closed her eyes and touched softly at first. Spreading the moisture around and teasing herself a bit. She thought about the vampire story she had been reading and then pictured Luc’s head between her spread thighs. Goodness that would be hot. Luc eating her pussy while Andi watched. Or Andi fucking her tits, while Luc ate her pussy now that would be even hotter she thought, as she increased the pressure of her fingers on her clit. Yeah, that was the ticket. Lost in her thoughts and sinking deeper into her arousal, she did not hear the guys as they walked up the path on the opposite side of the lake. She had assumed they would come back the way they had gone.

Feeling bolder and more aroused she took a deep breath and slipped a finger inside, while continuing to massage her clit, Meg let her mind drift. So much so she did not hear Andi when called to her.

Luc and Andi, set up a fire ring with the rocks they had gathered and arranged the wood. Andi saw Meg’s note and motioned toward the rock, “Luc, she is over there, sunning herself. Let’s join her while we eat.”

Andi fished sandwiches from his pack and threw one at Luc. As they walked toward the large rock, Andi motioned to towards the woods, saying “I will be right there.”
Luc walked to the base of the rock, thru the shallow water and proceeded to climb up to the top and as he crested the far edge he heard Andi coming up behind him and up the other side of the rock. Luc pulled himself up resting on his elbows, just as Andi began his ascent, Luc saw the most amazing thing.

“Mon Dieu, cela baise chaud.” Luc stage whispered.

Andi reached the top of the rock from the opposite side, looked at Luc’s face across the rock and then glanced towards Meg. Fuck that was fucking hot. Meg looked like she was asleep, her face facing him, her eyes closed and her mouth open slightly, her hands between her naked and very shapely thighs as she pleasured herself. Fuck. Baise.

Luc and Andi’s eyes held a moment and then they both let out a breath and said again, “Mon Dieu, cela baise chaud.”

Meg had been close when Luc had stumbled upon her. Damn, when did they get so sneaky or had she been so lost, she had not heard them. When she heard Andi’s curse she knew she had been found out for sure. Not one to waste the play time, Meg made a split second decision to carry on and carry on but good. Why not have a little fun?
“Je sais, le besoin pour regarder encore ?” she answered, giving away the fact that she could in fact not only understand them, but answer back.

Satisfied that she seriously had their attention, she eased her fingers from her pussy and brought them to her lips, licking her fingers and humming her approval.
“Baiser oui.” They both exclaimed as Meg slide her hand back to her wet pussy and began to fuck her fingers in and out, increasing the pressure on her clit at the same time. They were right, this was fucking hot. Being outside mostly naked in the sun had been hot, being outside, nearly naked in the sun with an audience was hotter, in fact it was fucking hot.

Almost there Meg took a deep breath, when she heard Andi mutter, “Je veux un gout.”
Forgetting the game and being consumed by the desire to have him taste, she answered, “So come over here and taste.”

Her brown eyes met his sparkling green ones, as if the challenge him to say no.
Luc looked astonished and said fiercely, “Baiser oui.”

Before Meg could draw a breath, Andi was between her thighs and his fingers replaced her own and he fucked in and out, as his mouth set about torturing her clit. Her head thrashed from side to side and she felt her pussy tightening further, more with each stroke of his finger. He increased the pressure of his tongue and suddenly the sun faded to a pinhead of light, she squeezed her eyes shut and as she came she shouted, “Baiser oui. Fuck, Andi that is good.” As she came and then came once again.
Dazzled by the intensity of her orgasm and the delight of being so deliciously naughty, she barely noticed Andi shifting back and to the left and did not register that Luc had moved closer, until she heard him whisper, my turn.

“Baiser oui.” Meg thought, this might not be such a bad weekend after all.

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