Thursday, December 9, 2010

Party Time

And let's not let it be said that I am not a generous sort. One more story, which might make you think those boring old holiday parties and outings. Sometimes it is all about what you wear!

As Sophie turned off the shower she wondered where they were going tonight. Naked, she toweled dried her hair slowly. The brown curls now hanging well below her shoulders. Peter liked her hair longer.

As she blew her hair dry, brushing it with the rounded brush, she mused that in the year they had been together, much had changed. Her hair, her clothing and her day to day routines. Peter picked out her outfits. Sophie did not mind in the least. She was always sure he would like her dress, when he was the one to pick them out. Each night, while she was in the shower, he would select what she would be wearing the next day. Hung neatly on the back of the bathroom door. Ready for her in the morning. No more frantically trying on outfits and being too late to have breakfast.

As she finished drying her hair. She applied a bit of light make up, and her best red lipstick, she brushed her hair once more and then walked into their bedroom naked.

On the bed was a navy blue corset, with attached garters. The demi cups would hardly cover her nipples and the boning would accent her waist perfectly. The black silk stockings were lovely. Slowly Sophie put the ensemble on. She did not see a dress or anything hanging on the door so she sat down on the edge of the bed and waiting on Peter.

She did not wait long and he strode into the bed room, dressed in his tux. They were to go to a holiday benefit tonight. One of his clients had invited them. It was the kind of event which made her nervous. She much preferred the behind the scenes. That was why she liked her job in stats. She stayed hidden and crunched her numbers.

"Beautiful." he smiled as he looked her over. The look was rich with appreciation and ownership. Sophie acknowledged that that was what blazed in his eyes. Love but under the love, deepening the love was ownership. She was his.

"Come here."

Sophie hopped off the bed without question and walked across the room to him. She looked at him directly as she did so. The eye contact was intense. Him looking at her, with that look. Intense and compelling as she walked to him, step by step.

He looked down at his trousers and she saw the evidence of his desire. He was pleased with the corset. She felt shyly proud. Being shorter, she had never felt all that powerful in her appearance. Not confident. Now she was learning that she was very attractive.

She smiled and tried not to blush. She was half naked and he was fully dressed in his smart black tux.

"Cock, Sophie." was all he said and she stopped in front of him, kissed his lips and sank to her knees. Undid his belt and then his pants, struggling just a touch with the closure of his pants. Sliding his pants open and down slightly she took his cock into her mouth and stroked it with her tongue and lips. She placed her hands behind her back as Peter had instructed. He had done that slowly. Added and suggested rules and positions. Sophie had not noticed it at the time, but it was nice. Not worrying. He told her simply what pleased him. No guess work.

As she curled her tongue around his cock, and moved her head slowly and smoothly around the shaft, she relished the taste that was Peter. It mingled with the soap from his shower and the mint from her toothpaste, but the taste of Peter was there at the heart of it all.

She peaked up and saw him watching her. She knew her lips were bright red around his cock, from the lip stick. In counter point to her moonlight white skin.

His hands were in her hair now, lightly massaging her scalp as he began to guide the movement of her head. Pushing deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Sophie liked the way the head of his cock rubbed against her soft palette. She moved her tongue smoothly along the shaft, as Peter began to guide her head and move his hips.

Peter was tall and therefore, Sophie could kneel in front of him and not be hunched, but her spine almost completely straight. She arched her back just a bit. Wanting closer to him.

She felt squirmy and she knew her naked pussy was wet and dripping. She could feel the moisture on her inner thighs. With no panties on she felt both warm like fire between her legs and the cool air. It combined to make her squirmy. Her pussy ached just a touch. She longed to have Peter's hands there too.

Peter touched her shoulder and stilled her squirming. His quiet reminder for her to focus on his cock. She sucked it in deeper and then moved her head back, tonguing the head of his cock, tracing the curved head and the valley at the tip. She tasted his cum on the tip. The salty and rich taste she adored. Proof that he was pleased with her efforts.

She continued her explorations with her tongue and alternated those with deep gasping swallows. She knew he was close. She could tell by the subtle tension in his limbs.

Abruptly he pulled away and began to stroke his cock, angling it towards her chest and the valley between her breasts.

Sophie looked down, thinking if he came on her breasts, it would ruin the corset.

"Eyes on me Sophie."

She tilted her head and met his gaze.

"Who do you belong to?"

"You Peter." She whispered. Staring up at his eyes. They were brighter now. Lust mixing with the love and the ownership.

"Ask me for it, Sophie. Convince me you want my cum."

"Please Peter. I want your cum, always. I want to drink it down and savor every drop."

"Not this time my little cock slut. Tonight you will wear it."

And then he came on her upraised breasts and she felt the hot sticky cum, dripping slowly and elegantly down the tops of her breast and into the valley between them.

Still holding his cock Peter brought it to her lips, she opened her mouth and licked and kissed and noisily polished off the remaining few drops of cum.

Then he eased himself back, and knelt slightly, took his fingers and wrote his name across the tops of her breasts with drops of cum from the well between her breasts.

He stood, held his fingers to her mouth and she licked them, cleaning off the drops of cum there as well.

He helped her stand, massaged her breasts gently, enough so that the well of cum dripped down between her breasts and coated her tummy. It was sticky and cool now.

Then he helped her put on her dress. Brushed her hair until it was silky smooth again and handed her ,her wrap.

"Now Sophie, we are off. You look beautiful. Quick, touch up your lipstick, or people will wonder."

And out into the night he led her, her beautiful lacy corset showing just enough, over the bodice of the fitted evening gown, to make her wonder. Could people see his name, would it glow in the night? Under black lights at the dance club, she wondered.

Her pussy, wet and tingling, tickled, by the cool air as they stood on the street waiting on a cab. Peter's hand on her back and a proud smile upon his lips. She wanted to squirm, the tingling intensified by the knowledge.

By the knowledge that she was his.

Peter and Sophie Entertain

Since it is the season for being Naughty and Nice and for entertaining, I thought perhaps we should have a story about dinner parties and dessert.

If you are all very good, I suspect there is more Peter and Sophie to be had.


“Sophie, remember Carlos is coming to dinner tomorrow night.” Peter mentioned as they sipped coffee and shared the New York Times.

Sophie nodded. It had been awhile since Carlos had been in town. Carlos was Peter’s closest friend. “Yes Peter.”

“What are you planning for dinner?” Peter inquired.

“I was thinking anti pasta to start, with the nice fresh cheese and the salami you like, from the deli down the street. Then perhaps we could have some veal scaloppini and a green salad or green beans, with sweeten ricotta and raspberries for dessert.”

“Lovely Sophie. That sounds wonderful actually, positively wonderful. You will serve us and remember, Carlos is a very special friend.”

Sophie nodded and added quickly, “Yes Peter.”

As she finished up the meal preparations, Peter entered the kitchen, dressed in khaki slacks and a button down shirt, the sleeves cuffed and his highly polished loafers on. He took the tray of plates and cutlery from her and nodded towards the bedroom, “Go and get ready. I laid out something for you. Hurry Carlos called and he just arrived and should be arriving within the hour.”

Sophie hurried into the bedroom and saw the cute and very feminine dress laid on the bed. Peter had bought it for her when they first were dating. It was a halter style dress, in black and white satin, with a full A-line skirt and some cute lacy petticoats under the skirt for a bit of bulk. At the waist was a red wide-ribbon belt, which set off her tiny waist so nicely. Last spring she had worn the dress to a Kentucky Derby Party at Peter’s boss’s house. She had look stunning.

Given the chill in the air, Peter had also laid out a black cropped sweater and her new string of pearls. Black flats completed the ensemble.

Quickly she jumped in the shower, but skipped washing her hair, since she had done so at the gym that morning, but Peter had been clear about his desires. She was to be clean and fresh, every time she dressed for dinner. Slathering on the moisturizer post shower and a light dusting of lightly scented powder, she pulled her hair up in to an elegant French twist and dressed. Peter had laid out a lacy strapless bra and the tiniest white lacy thong she had ever seen.

Making sure her lipstick was perfect – the red an exact match to the ribbon belt, she walked up the hallway and back to the kitchen only to find Peter opening a bottle of wine and heading out the terrace and the patio table. She heard the click of candle lighter and knew Peter was finishing the table.

She followed him out to the terrace and had to admit she loved this area of their house the best. The ample seating and the lovely water garden; so tranquil and peaceful.

Heading back to the kitchen she felt Peter come up behind, grab her hips and nuzzle her neck. Biting slightly just below her ear. Just enough to remind her who she belonged to.

“You will be a good girl tonight for me. Be polite and do as I ask. Is that understood Sophie?”

All the while he was rubbing her hips with small slow circles. His body pressed against hers.

She nodded her head. Sinking into him, until she left a firm slap against her ass.

“Sophie when I ask you a direct question, how are you supposed to answer me?”

“Yes Peter.”

“Right, now do not get sloppy about it tonight, you understand me?”

“Yes Peter. I will remember.”

Just then the door bell rang and Sophie went into the kitchen to pour the wine and Peter went to open the door. Sophie heard them talking in the foyer and she heard the noise of suitcases and the door to the guest room opening and shutting.

As she finished with the wine and had the antipasti salad plated, Peter and Carlos entered the kitchen and dining room. Peter slyly gave her the motion to stop and come forward to join them. Carlos handed her a bouquet of flowers and she blushed. Carlos, being rather tall, bent to kiss her cheek and Sophie rose up on her tippy toes to meet him.

She had met Carlos once before, but that was before Peter and she had moved in together.

“Carlos you must be hungry. Sophie has the dinner all prepared. So please come out to the terrace and enjoy the meal and relax after your trip.”

They walked out the door and Sophie followed them with the wine and the salads. As the men enjoyed the salads, Sophie sipped her wine and when Peter was almost finished, she excused herself and went inside to finish up the dinner, and plate the meal.

Returning and efficiently clearing the table and serving the dinner, she quietly refilled wine glasses and then took her place opposite Peter and listened to Carlos talking about his latest business deal.

As the meal wore on, she refilled the glasses one last time and then cleared the table.

“Espresso tonight, Peter with the desert?”

“I think just the dessert and another bottle of wine will do.”

Returning with the fruit and the ricotta, and the uncorked bottle of wine, Sophie sat back down and took a bite of her dessert.

Carlos smiled at her and winked.

Sophie smiled.

She had an idea that Carlos might know about or perhaps share some of Peter’s thoughts on relationships. She wondered if Carlos knew about them. The games they played and the way they lived.

“Sophie.” Peter said in his firm tone of voice, that special tone he generally reserved for when they were alone. “Carlos is very curious about what you have on under your dress. How about you pull the chair back a bit from the table and show him.”

Sophie blushed.

Peter leveled her a stare. A stare that said she had better hurry up and do as he had asked.

She rose gracefully and moved the chair about two feet back from the table, then a bit more and then stood in front of it and began to raise her skirt, inch by inch, until the tiny white lace thong was visible. Her bare pussy barley hidden by the lace. Her creamy white thighs and curve of her ass visible to Peter and Carlos in the muted waning daylight and the flickering candle light.

“Peter, I think your little one is slightly embarrassed.” Carlos chuckled, never taking his eyes off of her. Scanning her up and down.

Peter was beaming with pride. “She is a tad bit embarrassed but I would also wager she is aroused as well. While she does not like to admit it, she rather enjoys being admired.”

Sophie could feel herself blushing pinker and pinker because Peter was correct. They had talked about this one night when Peter fucked her. He had asked over and over, about being watched and they had woven a delicious story together that had sent her screaming over the edge.

Sophie stood there, with her skirt up as Carlos and Peter talked about normal stuff and drank some more wine. The air was cool on her skin and she could feel her pussy tingling in the cool air.

“Do you suppose she is wet and warm, Peter. Standing there like that. Or do you suppose she is cold.” Carlos mused as he swirled the wine around in his glass.

Peter smiled and looked at Sophie. Sending a chill down her spine. She blushed. She just knew what was coming, realizing now that Peter had set up the scene from their little story.

“Well perhaps we should have her check. Or better yet maybe she could show us.”

With that Peter rose and Carlos followed suite and they walked around the table and over to where she stood, like an elegant garden statue.

Peter took her hand and led her into the house and into his study, where there were two over sized leather chairs. He turned on the desk lamp and the bookcase lighting and then both he and Carlos took a seat she left her in the middle of room.

“Sophie, now that we are comfortable, please show us your lovely panties again and this time revolve slowly. I would like to see that delicious ass of yours.”

“Yes Peter.”

Sophie slowly and with elegant movements lifted her skirt and then slowly turned in a circle. Pausing so that Peter could admire her lovely ass.

“Remove the panties and bring them to me.”

“Yes Peter.”

And Sophie with as much grace as she could muster, still holding her skirt up, slowly removed the panties, dipped to the floor gracefully to retrieve them and then walked towards Peter, placing them in his outstretched hand.

“Thanks you. Please go back to the center of the room and remove your shoes. Then you may go and fetch your stool.”

Sophie took off her shoes and then skirt still held high, she walked to the closet and retrieved the black lacer bar height stool and brought it to the center of the room.

“Good girl. Now tell Carlos about your stool, Sophie.”

“When I am to be punished or if Peter feels I have been catty or sulky, I have to sit on the stool and think and ponder the reasons for my cattiness or sulkiness. Peter calls it my recentering stool.”

Carlos nodded. “Does that work Sophie?”

“Yes it does, most of the time.”

“Why do you suppose Peter asks you to sit on the stool?”

“Because a sulky or catty Sophie is not pleasing to him.”

“Ah yes, well no I can see how a sulky or catty Sophie would not be pleasing. Do you like being pleasing?”

Sophie nodded and then quickly added, “Yes. Yes I want to be pleasing.”

Peter looked at her and said, “Sophie, please sit, bare ass on the stool and raise up the front of your skirt and spread your legs.”

Blushing Sophie settled herself on the stool and did as Peter asked, spreading her legs as wide as the stool would allow.

“Peter, I would say you are correct. I believe your little Sophie is rather enjoying this. If I am not mistaken, I would say her pussy is wet.”

“I would say you are correct. Sophie please touch yourself for us and let us know if Carlos’s suspicions are correct.”

Slowly Sophie snaked her fingers down and touched her pussy, sighing deeply and enjoying the whisper of her fingers on her hairless and very wet pussy.

“Now show us.”

Sophie raised her hand and it was clear in the low light that her fingers were wet and glistening.

“Taste for us.”

Blushing she complied and moaned a bit.

“Do you want to play, Sophie?”

“Yes Peter.”

“Then by all means, But be quiet about it and no coming. You know the rules.”

The rules were she had to ask first. No coming without permission. This had been a hard rule to follow, but she was getting better about it.

As Peter and Carlos talked business and watched her intently, Sophie let her fingers touch and rub and play with quiet abandon. She was careful to not touch her clit too often.

“Sophie, please, if you are going to play, do so with some focus.”

This was Peter’s way of telling her she was wise to her game.

Focusing now, she began to circle her clit. And with each stroke she almost forgot that Carlos was there. Lost in the sensation and in the delight of being on display. It felt much as she had imagined it would. She was shy but a part of her longed to be an object of desire. To be on a pedestal and on display.

Feeling herself getting closer and closer to the edge, she whimpered slightly and she could feel the tightening of her pussy and the ache building deep inside. She whimpered again.

“Sophie, I said quietly. Do we need to stop.”

“No Peter.”

“Good girl.”

And that phrase sent her closer to the edge yet and she knew that was why Peter had said it. He knew she loved being his good girl.

Feeling the edge more and more specifically now she struggled to be quiet. And to remain poised on the stool, but her hips seemed to be rocking very much on their on accord.

“Sophie, is there something you would like to ask Carlos? Perhaps you would like to ask him if you can come. Do you suppose he might enjoy seeing that?”

Sophie was shocked. She had expected him to tell her to come or to ask her if she needed to. But she had not excepted him to tell her to ask Carlos.

She blinked and then she felt the tremors beginning.

“Carlos. May I please… May I please come.”

“Do you think you need to Sophie. Couldn’t you wait just a bit longer… you are lovely to watch…” Carlos’s voice trailed off and Sophie could feel herself right on the edge.

“Please. Please may I come now.”

Silence and she knew if she came without permission Peter would be se disappointed. Especially because Carlos was here. She clung to that thought as her fingers continued to rub and dance along her pussy and rub her clit.

Off in the cloud of pleasure and desire, desire to both feel the sweet release and to please Peter, she heard Carlos’s slightly accented English saying, “Now Sophie, Now you may come, share the rapture with us.”

And then she saw stars and felt her orgasm pour out from her, staring from deep inside her and continuing to flow out from her limbs and as she slowly swam up to the surface and back to reality, she found herself nestled in Peter’s arms, in the oversized leather chair, while he and Carlos continued to sip their wine and ever so often mention quietly that she was such a “good girl.”