Saturday, March 6, 2010


I have spring fever...

This is one of the first works I wrote of his point of view. There are follow up stories... just wait...


We were sitting on the patio. I was reading the paper, really I was pretending to read the paper, but actually I was watching my girlfriend read. She was sitting in the chase lounger and had her legs pulled up, knees up slightly and open. She was wearing a short skirt with a tight little t-shirt. No bra. The best I could tell, she really was reading her book. I shifted my chair, so I could see her legs a bit better. She looked up, eyes scrunching up, silently questioning what I was up to. I wanted to get a good look at her legs, actually I wanted to know if she was wearing underwear.

"I was just moving, trying to get more light." The sun was setting, not the smartest comeback ever.

She just smiled and went back to reading.

I pretended to keep reading as well.

I glanced over again; damn she does have panties on. My mind kept thinking about pussy. Could I get her to give it up on the deck, during twilight? Normally she was freaked out about the neighbors. Granted they might hear her - but damn - we had a privacy fence. No one would see her but me. She shifted her weight from right to left; her skirt rode up a bit more.

Shit, she did not have on panties, she had on a thong. Fuck. Now all I could think about getting her to play along.

"Hey, how about you come over here and sit with me." Right this was going to work. In three years had I learned anything? When she was reading, she was reading. No stopping her, until she was done or had to piss like a racehorse.

She glanced over at me and raised an eyebrow.

Yeah, I have my work cut out for me.

So I pretended to read again. All the while, the combination of the mean girl look she had just cast me, the sexy fall of her legs, the thong, the thought of her in my lap and the warm summer night, were combining to make the pursuit of pussy my number one concern. My cock was ready to go.

Still, would it work, was it worth trying for the outdoor adventure?

Yeah, it was so going to be worth it.

I stood up, went inside and came back with a blanket, which I draped over the back of my chair. Then I went back inside, returning with the remaining wine from dinner and two fresh glasses. I knelt down by her chair and reached for her book, turning a corner down, marking her page, closed the book and set it on the seat of my chair.

Before she could protest, I kissed her. Full on. We so were going to fuck on patio. Neighbors be damned.

She reached around me at first, to try and push me away and reach for her book, but at that moment I slipped my hand up her skirt and let my hand rest on her inner thigh. Her skin was soft and warm to the touch. Like warm water, just not wet - yet. I kept up with the kissing, using my tongue to glide along her lips, delving into her mouth and then nipping at her lush lips just a bit. Her hands were now relaxed against my chest. They felt a bit warm thru my t-shirt. MMM, I was getting somewhere.

Moving my hand upwards again, still kissing her, I reached the waistband of her low-rise thong. Man, she could really pick underwear. We were so going to fuck tonight on the patio. I began to ease the thong down her legs, stopping at her knees. Yeah, just like that. She was now trying to break the kiss.

"Hey, John what are you doing?" she asks in all seriousness.

I am going to have to work harder. Kissing my way up her neck to her ear, I breathe slightly against her for a few seconds and then I pull out all the stops and decide to go for broke.

"Planning to make you cum like a freight train and then fuck you senseless."

She gasps. Looks up at me with eyes mixed with shock and heat. Yeah, she wants me to do that.

Wasting no time, as I am really ready to go now. I slide my hand up her thigh, over her bare pussy and went right for the good stuff. No holding back tonight.

I ran my fingers along the outer edge of her pussy. Feeling the softness, the wetness. All the while whispering in her ear naughty things. Telling her how much I wanted to fuck her on the patio, how hot her pussy felt to my hand, how I was going to eat her pussy and make her cum.

I slowly, worked one finger into her. She was wet and tight and moaning, as I flexed my finger, slightly, I kissed her again. There was so much I wanted to do and all at once. I slipped another finger into her and then rubbed my thumb around her clit. Her legs fell open, I could tell she was getting into it and had forgotten her book. As I kept working at her, varying the speed of my thrusting fingers, I began easing her down the chase, until I had her legs over my shoulders.

"Grab onto the handles and do not let go."

I then lowered my head and let my warm breath flow over her pussy. "I am going to lick and suck on your pussy until you are begging me to let you cum."

She whimpered and I dipped my head and licked around her wet outer lips. I used my hands to spread out her pussy and then licked and circled and licked and circled. Making sure to avoid her clit. Her hips were rocking in rhythm with my licks. Slowly I worked my fingers back into her and then licked and sucked at her clit. She was moaning and then begging, "Please John. Let me cum. It feels so good. Just like that. Ahhhh."

As she continued to moan and babble slightly, I worked in a third finger. Then I felt her pussy closing tighter around my fingers. Squeezing and gloving. Then I felt her arch her back and moan as she came and came. She was looking at me with wide eyes, rich with pleasure. Her legs relaxed and dropped open against the chase.

I stood, sat down beside her and guided her up and over me. I was sitting up and I settled her onto my lap, facing into the yard. While she was still limp form her orgasm, I began playing with her breasts. Pinching her nipples and kissing and eating along the back of her neck.

Then I settled her over my raging cock and then she took over, easing her way over me. Taking me inside, slowly, inch by inch. I had started out this way, to give her the chance to ease into it. But she was so wet and so hot, I could not go slow for very long. I let her play just a bit and then, pushing on her back, I eased her forward, so that she was on her hands and knees, me still buried deep inside of her. I raised up, took in the view of her lovely ass, white and firm, in all the right places. Taking her from behind was always a wild ride.

She was pushing back against me. I gave her a firm slap on her ass. She gasped and moaned. Then I grabbed her hips and set up a steady in and out motion. Increasing the tempo slightly, I leaned over and told her again, how good she felt around me, how I loved taking her from behind. She was moaning again. I knew the neighbors could hear her, so I reach forward and offered two on my fingers. The two that had been inside her. She licked at them and then sucked them into her mouth. Sucking as if they were the very best candy.

I could tell she was close to coming again, so I leaned forward again and whispered, " that's right, my little slut. suck him. keep him busy, while I am fucking you." I knew she liked this idea. Two guys at once. It never failed to make her cum and cum hard.

I could feel her muscles tensing around my cock. Tightening, squeezing me tighter. Then I felt her ripple around me, as she moaned and sucked harder on my fingers.

Then I felt my balls tighten and my cock grow more rigid. Then I came, just as she began to cum again. I bit down on my tongue to stifle the moan, roaring up my throat.

We both fell into the chase, Lisa snuggled into my arms. I pulled the blanket around us, and we watched as the sun sank away into the night.


  1. Very nice story. You should have a man write it as a woman to be fair.

  2. Rabe - good idea... that would be fun!