Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Guest for Dinner

Sophie was just finishing yoga. Friday yoga was always the hardest, an hour and half of intense yoga in an overly warm room. Clearly if she got to choose, she would not choose this class, but she didn't get to choose, so she went faithfully.

In the locker room, wrapped in a towel she was drying her hair, when she heard her phone chime. A text message, right on time. She really was on a very short leash.

“Call me when you are leaving the gym.”

It was a text from Carlos. It was unusual for him to text to her. She had hopped Peter would be back this afternoon.

Finishing her locker room routine and repacking her gym bag, she made her way outside, to walk the 12 blocks back to the townhouse. She and Peter and Carlos had moved into the townhouse about a year ago. Carlos was working from the city more often and she and Peter had solidified their relationship and Carlos had become a part of that as well.

The townhouse had been a duplex at one time, but in the span of 6 months, Carlos and Peter had converted it into a large and spacious house. When she lost her job, due to corporate rightsizing, it had been decided that she would be kept. Carlos and Peter kept her busy and she kept house and in turn, the boys as she liked to privately think about them, kept her in line and objectively speaking, in style.

Stepping into a quiet corner on the street, just outside the gym she dials Carlos's office number.

“Carlos, it is Sophie.”

“Right on time, good girl.”

She blushed.

“There have been some developments. I need you to stop by my office on the way home. Understood?”

“Yes, Carlos, I will be there in about 10 minutes.”

“Don't be late.”

With that he ended the call.

She turned and doubled back and hurried to Carlos's office. Taking the elevator to the penthouse suite, she waived at Bianca, Carlos's assistant as she headed directly to his office. He was on the phone, but motioned for her to come in and shut the door. Then he turned his back, leaving her to stand in the office waiting on him.

Ending the call, he walked to the door, locked it and snapped his fingers. Immediately Sophie sank to the floor, to kneel, her legs spread, palms on her knees, her gaze up.

Carlos walked over to her and gave her freshly washed hair a gentle playful yank.

“So we will be having company tonight and you will be serving us. Peter is delayed and will more than likely miss some of the party, but nonetheless, you will be expected to serve and do us proud. I have rearranged a meeting, but I will just barely make it home in time to see to all the preparations.”

Sophie listened attentively. By preparations, she knew he meant her.

“So we will get the ball rolling now.”

Carlos walked over to his desk, unlocked a drawer and removed a black box, snapping his fingers twice as he did so. Sophie immediately and gracefully bent forward, ass raised high, arms stretched out in front of her, in what could be called a perverted child's pose. Sophie had been careful to make sure her skirt was no longer covering her ass.

She heard Carlos coming up behind her. They she felt him caressing her ass. Gentle strokes, then whack, he smacked her left cheek and then her right, with force.

“Tonight a very special guest is coming over, on short notice. I have arranged for Janet to stay and help with the meal and I am having the meal catered, as there isn't time to plan appropriately. You will be serving tonight and Peter and I are counting on you to be impeccable. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Carlos.”

“You are to go home and go into the Room and remove box 7. You are not to open the box, but have it in your room on the bed and you are to be naked and waiting on me. I am changing my schedule and will arrive home around 4:30 pm.”

As he spoke he was gently stroking her ass, almost absent mindedly. In the summer, she was prohibited from wearing panties. When they moved to the townhouse, Peter made her get rid of every pair of pants and every pants suit she owned with the exception of a few pairs of jeans and some short shorts. Her pussy was to be clean shaven and lucky for her the laser treatments had worked, she was very smooth and hairless with very little effort these days.

“Before you begin waiting for me, you are to put your hair in two french braids and do your make up. I want tasteful make up, with the exception of your lip stick, that is to be the bright glossy red. While you wait for me, you are to stimulate your nipples. Tug, pinch, rub, repeat and do not stop for any reason.”

As he spoke this time, he smacked her cheeks alternately, for emphasis.

Normally she was prohibited from touching her pussy or her nipples without Peter or Carlos being present. Outside of in the shower, for hygienic purposes, her body was not to be touced by her.

“Yes, Carlos.”

Her face pressed into the carpet she heard Carlos opening something and then she heard the flip of a tube, felt the cold lube on her anus and her pussy, then his fingers invading both holes. She tried to stifle a moan. With Peter gone, Carlos had administered her discipline and had worked with her orgasm control exercises, but he had not fucked her, aside from fucking her mouth last Sunday after her accounting and punishment session.

“Massage your clit, until you are about to come, but you do not have permission to come.”

“Yes Carlos” she said, her left hand sneaking down between her legs. She was already very sensitive and it did not take long. Even though she longed to draw it out, she dared not. It had been too long and her control felt shakier than normal today.

“Good girl. Don't stop yet, just a little more Sophie.”

“Yes, Carlos.” Sophie tried to be gentle but her clit was burning and her pussy was so achy. If she came on accident, she would be in big trouble.

She heard the buzzing before she felt it, the egg vibe. Carlos was pressing it against the sensitive tissue between her pussy and anus and then directly on her pussy and then pressing it against her clit.

“No, no please Carlos.” She was whimpering now, trying so hard to not come. She knew she wasn't allowed to ask, but she really couldn't hold it.

Just when she thought she was going to have an accident, the vibe stopped and then all of a sudden, she felt something being shoved into her ass and her pussy. All. The. Way. In. Then she felt a strap between her legs and a belt being fastened around her waist. She clenched her pussy around the dildo and then decided that was a bad idea. Her fingers ached to rub her clit with her pussy stretched so tight.

“Up you go.” Carlos said with a playful swat to her behind.

Standing was, well interesting with the two dildos in place. Sophie wasn't sure about walking. All the way home.

“So you get going and I will see you at home.” Carlos said by way of dismissal and Sophie grabbed her bag and headed for the door.

From Carlos's office it was at least 20 blocks home. As she walked, she felt very aware of her pussy and just how achy it was. Every step seemed to stimulate her but not enough to actually do anything, other than be annoying.

As she neared the house, her cell phone rang.

“Hello Carlos.”

“Where are you?”

“Two blocks from the house, Carlos.”

“You better hurry Sophie. You don't want your first surprise to happen on the street.”

With that Carlos ended the call.

Hurrying as quickly as she could, Sophie trotted up the next block and bound up the stairs to the townhouse. Letting herself in and stowing her yoga mat in the hallway closet. Taking the stairs upstairs to her room, she tossed her yoga wear in the hamper and hung her bag up in the closet. Just as she was about to head to the kitchen and see what Janet needed help with the preparations, when all of a sudden, the dildos, which had just begun to be less annoying, sprang to life. The insistent buzz stopped her in her tracks and had her gripping the door jam. Shifting trying to take the pressure off her g-spot. She moaned and tried to think about anything but coming.

Just as she was about to give up thinking about the last time she had a root canal and just come already taking the consequences, her cell chimed and the buzzing stopped.

Struggling to not sound winded she answered the phone, “Yes. Carlos.”

“Did you come Sophie?” he demanded.

“No Carlos.”

“Good girl. Remember you aren't to come. Is that understood.”

“Yes, Carlos. It is understood.”

“Did you think about coming?”

“Yes, Carlos. I tried not to, but it was getting very challenging.”

“But you didn't come.”

“No, Carlos. I did not come.”

“Good girl Sophie.”

“I want you to strip do your make up and fix your hair and then to kneel by the bed. Meditate until you are stimulated again. Then once that ends, you are to begin preparing your nipples. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Carlos.”

“Good girl, Sophie. Remember, do not even think of coming.”

Working quickly, she did her hair and then her make up, taking special care with her lips, first lining them, filling them in with pencil and then applying the thick read lip color. Finishing off with the lacquer glossy over coat. She looked like one of those girls in that 80s rock video.

Going to the foot of bed, she knelt and let her mind wander. She wondered what all this was about. It wasn't like she hadn't served at a party the boys had held before. Twice she had offered blow jobs for poker night and once a group of other lifestylers had come over. Never had anyone made such a fuss.

Just as she had calmed her mind, the probes began to slowly vibrate and then as she shifted, trying to find a less difficult position, their speed increased and she sank back onto her heels and simply tried to breath her way through it. The vibration was more annoying that pleasurable, but she felt her pussy clenching all the same. Willing herself not to come, she tried again to think of the most unpleasant things possible. Slowly, with twitches and fits of intense vibrations, it was over.

Being dutiful, she reached up cupped her breasts and began to prepare her nipples as Carlos had instructed her. First she tugged, then she pinched, hard just like Peter had trained her and then she rubbed, pushing her thumb into the soft tissue of her nipples.

Sophie had no idea how long she was at her task. She was sitting so she could not see the clock and she did not dare stop. Not following instructions always landed her in hot water and she had in fact learned her lessons the hard way.

Almost completely lost in her meditative task, she nearly missed the fact that Carlos had entered the room.

“Enough Sophie.”

She opened her eyes, slowly becoming aware of the fact that she had drifted off during her task. She watched Carlos move about the room. He had changed into an all black suit and a white shirt, with his fancy cuff links.

He removed the lid of the box and laid the contents on the bed. She had never seen any of these items. Long leather like sleeves, a very odd looking collar, something clinky and metal, and nipple clamps, which she most assuredly had seen before. Felt before too.

“So tonight Juan Ramirez is coming over. He is a very important business partner for Peter and I. He is also my mentor. He introduced me to all of these wonders. He is very old school and he will expect you to act like the perfect slave. Your training and execution is a direct reflection on Peter and I. Never mind that our training is slightly unorthodox and you are not our slave exactly, tonight you will play the part and all will be well. I will be there and very soon Peter too.”

Carlos snapped his fingers three times, signaling her to stand and place her hands behind her head thrusting her breasts out. Carlos walk towards her with a corset, that left her breasts exposes, but had a built in garter belt like bits of leather hanging off it. With efficient hands, he began lacing her into the corset, pulling the ties, tighter and tighter, until it was hard to breath deeply and her waist looked amazing and tiny. Next came stockings and 4 inch heels which locked to her ankles, complete with little locks.

Carlos snapped his fingers and Sophie sank gracefully to her knees. He began to fit the heavy collar around her neck, the bottom of it slightly cupped her shoulders.

“This is a posture collar. It will keep your head upright. You will not be able to look up or down. Well side to side either.”

He moved around behind and she felt her panic rise slightly as he fastened what sounded like three, no maybe four straps. It felt very tight around her neck and when she tried to turn to see what he was doing, she found that her head was basically immobile, just as he had said it would be.

He walked around in front of her and smacked her left breast. Sophie yelped and gasped for air. Then he pinched and pulled her nipples and quickly attached a nipple clamp. Then repeated the process on her right breast. The nipple clamps were on a chain and there was an O ring in the middle, which was currently laying against her tummy.

“Drop your arms and put them behind your back.”

She did as she was told and the movement caused her breasts to move and she felt it radiate to the points of her nipples.

She felt a sleeve going on and then then the other. The all of a sudden, her arms were being drawn together and back, very tightly. This caused her breasts to stick out more. Then she felt Carlos securing her arms to the base of the corset. It was rather tight and not all together comfortable. Peter had on occasion used some difficult bondage, as punishment, but this was different.

“How do you feel, Sophie?”

“Snug, Carlos.”

“Good. You look like a beautiful package.”

Carlos came around in front of her again and he had a strange metal device in his hand. It looked scary. She would have turned her head away, but she couldn't move it.

“Tonight, you are not to speak unless spoken to. Early in the night, you will be wearing this, so talking really won't be much of an option. Later in the evening, speak only when spoken to. Answer me as you always do – Yes, Carlos or No, Carlos. When speaking to Peter, you will address him as Sir. If Mr. Ramirez speaks to you or asks you a question, you will respectfully reply to him as Mr. Ramirez. Is that clear, Sophie?”

“Yes Carlos.”

Just then there was a buzz on the intercom and the sound of Janet answering the door and handling the formalities.

“They are here. We must finish. Open your mouth, Sophie.”

She did and she felt the cold metal fit into her mouth and Carlos was fastening it behind her head. Two straps. Then she heard a clicking as he seemed to be opening it wider. She felt herself struggling to breath normally and then she felt the first drops of drool drip down her chin.

Without saying another word, Carlos clipped a leash to the O ring in the chain on her nipple clamps, and he tugged gently. Since he had not given her the command to get up, she crawled slowly behind him.

From the play room downstairs, it was a quick cut through the kitchen to Peter's study. Taking her to the corner, where generally an end table stood, Carlos placed the leash over her shoulder and walked out the room.

What could she do, but sit there, knees spread, breasts on display while the drool continued to drip from her open lips, down her chin and onto her chest.

She heard noises from the living room, hushed voices then louder laughs. Conversation in Portuguese and Spanish. More laughing and then she heard Carlos, thank Janet for their drinks and then they made their way down the hallway.

“Please do come in, Peter just rang and he is stuck in traffic, but will be here very soon. You know, air travel just isn't as it used to be.”

“Quiet so.” The accented voice replied.

Two men Sophie did not know filed into the room and Carlos followed, inviting the older one to sit in one of the leather chairs. The other, younger man stood near the door. Carlos took a seat in the other chair and placed his drink on the waiting coaster.

“So Carlos, business is good.” The older man said, waving his arm around indicating the room, with its rich masculine furnishings and then his gaze fixed on her. Sophie struggled to keep her eyes straight ahead under such a naked appraisal.

Carlos and the man chuckle and Carlos said, “Yes Juan, business is very good. As you know, Peter and I have a venture together and separately our work is very profitable as well.”

This train of conversation continues for a while. The older man, Juan, asking questions and considering Carlos's response. Carlos speaking deferentially and politely. It became clear to Sophie, who was feeling slightly spacey from her predicament and trying to be perfect, that Carlos clearly respect this man a great deal. She wanted to reflect well on Peter and Carlos. Once upon a time she would have suffered through these kinds of parties and felt like she needed to participate.

Tonight, she let her mind just be quiet and listen as they talked.

The drool was slowly rolling down her chest, creating a little stream, waterfalling from her red lips down across her creamy white breasts. Sophie wondered for awhile if there was s little puddle on the floor. Wondering about the possibility of a puddle was a nice distraction from the nagging ache building up in her nipples.

“So Carlos, enough with business. Now, now you must tell me about this.” the man says, pointing at her and leveling his assertive gaze upon her.

“This is Sophie, our beloved pet.”

“Might I take a closer look at her? She seems quite lovely and so well behaved, so quiet.”

Carlos rose and came over to her, took her leash and lead her to the middle of the room. Sophie tried to crawl after him as gracefully and as sweetly as she could manage. She was also careful to keep up, desperately not wanting to up the ante in terms of the ache in her pinched nipples.

The man rose and came the the center of the room and proceed to walk around her, occasionally giving her head a pat or her hair a tussle. He stopped in front of her and then slapped a breast, watching it move. The slap had been light, but it caused the nipple clamps to sway, and Sophie tried very hard to not moan audibly.

“She really is quiet lovely. Very obedient and quiet. Well done, Carlos.” he said and sat back down in his chair.
“Peter should get the credit. Sophie is his pet, he has invested much in her training. Given his traveling and my move to the city, he graciously asked me to occasionally look after his pet and then when this townhouse became available, we made the move. At this point, my care for his pet has grown, but make no mistake, she is his pride and joy.”

The man nodded.

They sat there drinking their cocktails and just looking at her for what felt like a very long time. Slowly the new ache in her nipples eased to a warm glow.

“Might I take a closer look again. Perhaps she has a trick or two?”

Carlos nodded and snapped his fingers. Sophie crawled forward and stopped in front of the man. He reached down and removed the leash from the chain connected to her nipples. He placed the leash over the side of the chair. Grabbed the chain and rocked it to and fro, pulling lightly and then harder. He rubbed the outer edge of her left breast and then the right breast. Slapped them gently over and over. Pressed and tugged some more. Sophie wanted to scream, but she knew she would be disappointing if she did so, so she focused on breathing and allowing the man to keep creating sensations.

“Does she like cock, Carlos? Most pets do enjoy cock.”

Carlos nodded.

While Sophie couldn't see their eyes, she felt as if their eyes were meeting and many unspoken questions were being answered.

Slowly the man loosen his belt and lowered the zipper, pulling out his surprising large cock. He rubbed it slowly against her cheek, then the other and then the tip of her nose.

“Would you like a taste, little pet. You have been such a good girl, so obedient and patient with a strange older man. Such a well trained and pretty pet deserves a treat, no?”

As he spoke, he slowly rubbed the head of his cock, against her lips and the metal of the gag. Occasionally rubbing his cock head against her chin, in the river of drool. He mused and rubbed his cock and took his time and then just when Sophie thought he wouldn't, he shoved his cock full into her mouth, to the back of her throat. His large hands cupping the back of her head and holding her tightly against him and then pulling back, only to slam forward again and again.

Sophie swayed on her knees, her eyes clouding and her focus centered on staying upright and unresistant. His left hand stayed on her head, pushing her forward with every slam of his pelvis and then with his right hand he gripped the chain suspended between her nipples and tugged firmly in time with his thrusts.

Sophie kept her eyes open, with much struggle and just as the man forced his cock all the way to the back of throat and she fought her desire to gag, she saw Peter come into focus in the doorway, and then the man shot cum into the back of throat and groaned loudly. Pulling his cock out and rubbing it once again on her right cheek and gently slapping her left.

“You are such a good pet.” He said as he adjusted and zipped his pants.

“Now go and be a good and happy pet and greet your Master.”

Slowly Sophie crawled across the floor and carefully bent forward despite her restrained arms and placed her head at Peter's feet.

She finally audibly sighed when he reached down and stroked her hair, saying, “Such a good girl, Sophie.”


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