Saturday, July 7, 2012

Peter and Sophie on Holiday

 Sophie first meets Peter's friend Carlos, when Carlos comes to visit them while in the States on business. Carlos is a very close friend of Peter's. You can read that story here.  In this story, Carlos hosts Peter and Sophie for dinner, while they are on holiday, near his home in winter 2009.

 Sophie soaked up the afternoon sun, lounging outside the gorgeous cabana. The ocean was so lovely and calm today; the bright sun hanging just perfectly in the late afternoon sky. Peter sat in a nearby lounge chair reading the Financial Times, unable to leave work completely behind. Sophie shifted, to her stomach and rested her head on our arms like a child. Considering a nap, right where she was, she yawned and closed her eyes. Peter shifted a bit in his chair and once he was sure Sophie was asleep, he flipped open his phone and called Carlos.

Sophie stood in front of the bathroom mirror and brushed her hair. She could not believe she had slept for over two hours, thank God Peter had moved the beach umbrella or she would look like a lobster. Instead she had a nice glow and was feeling very refreshed. As she exitted the bathroom, she noticed an outfit on the bed. It was a very pretty navy dress – short navy dress – she amended as she held it up. The fabric was clingy but not trashy. The neckline was modest enough, Sophie thought ruefully. On the floor was a pair of navy blue strappy sandals and on the bed, adjacent to the dress was a navy wrap.

Sophie paced back into the bathroom to once again towel dry her hair and apply some lotion to her sun kissed skin. As she began to dry her hair, Peter stepped out of the shower; his body dripping with more than just water. Sophie turned to look her fill and Peter just smiled as he turned and began to shave.

“What do you think of the outfit Sophie?” he asked as he began to shave, with firm and control strokes of the razor.

“MMM, well I like it Peter, but it also makes me think you might be up to something.” Sophie murmured as she applied her make up with a gentle hand. The few days in the sun had perked up her complexion, almost completely erasing  the winter pallor from her cheeks. 

Returning to the bedroom of their suite, she began to ease the dress on and marveled at the perfect fit and the richness of the fabric. Peter certainly knew how to select dresses. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she buckled the sandals and turned to check her overall appearance in the mirror. She had to admit she looked divine.

As she admired the curve hugging dress and began to obsess just a tad about the drape of the dress over her ass, she saw two large hands on her shoulders. She had been so lost in thought she had not heard Peter enter the bedroom from the bathroom. As his hands closed around her neck, she noted the sterling necklace with the beautiful blue bobble on it.

“The stone is mined near here and very rare, just like you are Sophie.” Peter whispered as he kissed her neck.

“Tonight is going to be very special. I have planned a surprise for you. All you have to do is relax and be a good girl and leave all the worrying to me. Just go with the flow and the experience will be more than you ever dreamed. I will take care of you sweetheart.”

With that, Peter ushered her to the door of their suite and down the long hallway to a bank of elevators. In a cloud, Sophie moved along, her brain processing Peter words and beginning to wonder just what he was up to. Peter liked to cloak evenings such as these in an air of mystery.
Just as the elevator doors shut, Sophie turned to Peter in a bit of a shock. 

“Peter, I forgot panties – there were none on the bed and I was so taken with the dress, I forgot to go and get some from my suitcase.”

Peter smiled. “All that you needed for the evening was on the bed sweetheart. You forgot nothing.”
Sophie blushed. Feeling his strong warm hand on the small of her back, she blushed even more.
As they walked thru the lobby and out to the circle in front of the hotel, she began to wonder if everyone could tell she did not have on panties. The dress was clingy, so she supposed the women would assume a thong and well the men, the men would be too busy starring at her ass to care frankly.

As she climbed gracefully into the back of the town car, she hoped the dress did not hike up too much. She also was wishing that she had not opted for the Brazilin wax at the salon before leaving for their trip, as she was getting a little, no a lot, turned on and was thinking that if she were not careful, everyone might know about that too.

Peter gave the driver the address of another hotel and the driver eased them into the traffic flow and then Peter shut the divider. 

“So Sophie is your pussy nice and wet. Are you feeling naughty, going out in that beautiful dress with no panties?”

Sophie blushed. If she had not developed a bit of a tan, she decided her white skin on her shoulders, her crimson face and her blue dress; she could have been the American flag. Her blush went from the tops of her breast all the way to her hair line but, it did nothing to detract from the wetness building in her pussy.

“I am waiting for an answer Sophie.” Peter said with a tiny hint of sternness in his voice.

“Yes Peter it is and yes I feel very naughty with no panties and the tiniest bit concerned about making a mess.” Sophie huffed hurriedly, a fresh bit of blush creeping into her cheeks. She knew Peter was just playing with her but still, it was a bit over the top, a sexy dress and a short one at that. The potential for exposure was high, she reasoned.

“We will be fine Sophie.” Peter assured her as he slid his hand up her naked thigh and to the edge of her pussy. He made small circles on inner thigh, just where it met the crease of her pussy.
“My, my Sophie, you are all worked up.”

Just as Sophie had begun to relax into Peter’s touch the car stopped and Peter kissed her on the cheek and turned to shield her body from the gaze of the driver as he opened the rear door.

“Graisas, Senior Truman.” The driver said as Peter handed Sophie from the car. He had exited first and then turned to extend her his hand.

Sophie felt a bit off center and floaty as she walked with Peter up the sidewalk and into the hotel. They paused in the lobby by the reception desk and Peter leaned in and spoke with the attendant.
Sophie stood and took in the lobby and what looked to be a bar off to the side. She assumed the bar and restaurant was their intended destination, so she was surprised when Peter steered her to the bank of elevators.

“We will be dining tonight with Carlos. He owns the hotel and lives in the pent house. The view is breath taking.”

The bellhop punched in the code, which would take them to the penthouse. The elevator moved smoothly and Sophie continued to hold Peter’s hand. Peter pulled her close and nuzzled the top of her head.

A pleasant chime sounded and the doors eased open into a well appointed and masculine hallway. Before them, was a set of double doors. Peter walked Sophie forward and knocked sharply on the door. After a brief pause, the door swung open and Carlos answered the door.

“Ah Peter,” and then Carlos paused and looked at her with a very warm smile, “and Sophie.” 

Gracefully he bent and kissed her gently on the cheek.

The man turned to Peter and smiling said, “She is every bit as lovely as always, my friend.”

He shook Peter’s hand and then turned saying, “let’s go to the terrace. It is too lovely an evening to stay inside. The view is breathtaking.”

Sophie and Peter followed Carlos to the terrace, which was the entire left side of the apartment, the view of the ocean was breathtaking and the eating area was set up to be very much something out of Arabian nights, with a low table and a tent like overhang. There was a low bench loaded with pillows for seating around the low table. On the table was a bottle of wine and some glasses.

Carlos motioned for them to sit and Peter and Sophie took a seat on the bench against the wall and Carlos took the smaller seat, adjacent to Sophie. Sophie noted that she was corner between the two men now. Carlos made small talk with her as he poured the wine.

As they drank wine and Peter and Carlos caught up after not seeing each other for awhile, Sophie’s gaze drifted over the skyline, the view of the beach in the quickly fading daylight and listened to the faint sounds coming from inside the apartment and the street many stories below. The breeze was warm and yet it had a hint of the coolness of the evening to come. While she calmly looked about, she heard Peter’s voice and Carlos’s voice, felt Peter’s hand on her thigh and then sensed the presences of the maid, as she brought in the starter course. Sophie reveled in being able to pay attention to the scene around her and not be obligated to listen to the men talk.

As the main course, a selection of tapas and a wonderful salad arrive; Peter and Carlos were making an effort to include her in the conversation. Sophie felt very at ease and just a bit tipsy from the wine, which seemed to flow and flow. Peter’s hand never left her thigh and would creep up to tease her clit every so slightly every now and again. If Carlos was aware of Peter’s wandering hand, he made no comment.

After dinner and the maid returned to clear away the plates, Carlos suggested Sophie investigate the roof top garden, while Peter and he shared a cigar. They would be up to join her. As she climbed the winding staircase, up to the roof above the terrace, she was once again aware that she had not worn panties, the slightly chilled evening air kissing her pussy as she climbed the staircase. Crossing the roof top garden to railing along the far way, Sophie stared down to the street below enjoying the twinkling lights then she shifted her gaze up to the star studded sky and then over the horizon to the beach in the distance. It was stunning to her senses. Like a work of art; a masterpiece in its juxtaposition. Sophie stood by the rail and lost herself in the rhythm of life spread out before her.
So lost in the moment, Sophie did not hear the men approaching her perch, but rather felt Peter’s warm hands upon her shoulders; his warm breathe against her neck as he kissed her, along her neck to her collarbone.

“Come join us for dessert Sophie.” 

Peter followed Sophie across the garden to the large double chase lounger in the middle of the roof top garden. As she walked, he slowly raised the skirt of the clingy dress to revel her lovely creamy ass. Her hand snaked out to drag the fabric back down, Peter told her to leave it.

Carlos was sitting on the edge of the chase, smiling as she walked towards him. Peter smiled from behind her and nodded to Carlos.

“Turn around, Sophie. I want to see that gorgeous ass you have been hiding beneath that lovely dress.” Carlos said as she stopped before the chase.

Sophie paused and blushed. While flattered she was not sure what the guys were up to.

Peter stopped behind her and then his hands were upon her shoulders, turning her around and then his hands slipped down her arms, bending her slightly.

Carlos whistled quietly.

“Lovely.” He murmured as he reached out to touch the round creamy globe of Sophie’s ass. Peter leaned down to kiss her red lips. She leaned into the warmth of his lips and amazingly into the warmth of Carlos’s hands. She fleetingly thought she should be embarrassed, being nearly naked in front of both men, but she was not. She felt strangely exalted.

Peter had been whispering to her about how he longed to unleash her inner exhibitionist. Sophie had scoffed at the idea, but here in this moment she reveled in the feeling of being on display. She soaked up the feeling that she was making Peter proud, that she had the power to please Peter and Carlos, by being naked in the garden.

In a swoop, Sophie found herself in Peter’s arms. He lifted her and placed her on the chase, behind Carlos and then eased the dress up and over her head. The night air kissed her already taunt nipples and her damp pussy. Peter came to sit on her right, his hands on her shoulders, turning her into his embrace. He whispered in her ear, how beautiful she was in the moonlight and how sexy she was and how much he wanted Carlos to see her beauty.

Carlos was now kneeling at her feet. His hand were running up and down her thighs, warming her skin and sending a chill up her spine all at once. His eyes were moving over her from head to toe. His approving glances caressed her and heated her from within. His gaze was both appreciative and hungry at the same time.

She sighed and relaxed against Peter, as Carlos eased her legs up and open, bending her knees to allow him some space between her lovely legs. Her pussy was totally exposed. Its naked pinkness glistened in the moonlight.

Peter’s warm hands were on her breasts, massaging, rubbing and every few strokes pinching her nipples gently. Sophie tried to be still, but between Peter’s hands and Carlos’s gaze Sophie found herself arching into Peter’s touch and her hips subtly rising up to great Carlos’s gaze. Sophie felt incredibly achy and needy.

She was about to say something, when suddenly Carlos’s hand was on her inner thigh and just as suddenly his mouth was on her pussy. His tongue circled her clit, Peter’s fingers circled her nipples. Carlos’s tongue licked around her labia and then began to fuck her slowly. His fingers on clit, rubbing. Peter’s hands where on her nipples, circling and tweaking and kneading. Slowly and deliberately, almost in concert with Carlos’s magical tongue.

Sophie was moaning and calling out their names. She was getting edgy and she felt her pussy flexing and contracting. Apparently Carlos sensed this as well, because his fingers replaced his tongue and then his mouth was on her clit. Peter now tweaked her nipples over and over and was whispering in her ear, urging her to sink into the feelings, to ride the waves of sensations. Whispering to her how beautiful she was and how sexy.

Sophie opened her eyes to see Carlos’s dark head between her legs. He glanced up with her and their eyes locked. She felt a shocked and then suddenly his fingers were moving inside her with renewed purpose and his tongue was thrashing her clit and the waves of pleasure came upon her, crashing and dragging her deeper into the sea of pleasure, surrounding them in the garden.

“Let go Sophie. Let go and fly for us. I want to see it. I want to see you as the pleasure sweeps you away. Now Sophie, cum now.”

As Peter’s words reached her ears, she let go and was swept away, grounded between these two strong men, swimming in the sea of pleasure as she had been awash in the sights and sounds of the evening near the railing. Free to float in the sky.

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